Physician Career Coaching

My physician career coaching helps you get out of medicine or find a better fit in it. I want to help you build a sustainable medical career. Check out my testimonials from past clients below.

Explore this website and my LinkedIn profile to see what I’ve accomplished with my medical degree, from health coaching to a virtual private practice to healthcare consulting.

The fee to work together for 6 months is $6,000. 100% refund guarantee. Click below to sign up.

We will have an initial 1-hour session to know your particular situation, followed by continuous contact over the next 6 months.

For the Self-Starter

If you’re a self-starter and can put in some effort to do the research, you can find everything I know on this website.

We can work together hourly if you only need a couple of hours of my time. You can schedule a meeting with me on Calendly below.

$300 for 30 minutes with ongoing text or email follow-up and a 100% money-back guarantee.

State Medical Board Trouble

For those in trouble with a state medical board, I offer medical board investigation help. There isn’t any other physician website with more knowledge and content regarding state medical board issues.

I’ve been consulting on medical board cases since 2017.

The goal is to help you find new sources of income and rebuild your professional record for a clean license.

Physician Career Consulting

You’ll be putting in work during our career consulting sessions, but on things you enjoy. Careers – clinical or nonclinical – and better jobs are out there. Figuring out what is right for you requires insight which comes with practice and experimentation.

As a physician career consultant, I have enough experience and connections to get you started. I am also aware of many different niche practices within and outside of healthcare that you may not be aware of.

Career Hurdles

Some physicians have impeccable records. Others have had DUIs, medical board investigations, malpractice suits, or worse. These are the physicians with whom I have a lot of experience.

As a physician, you can make money because of your state medical license (clinical medicine) or earn an income from the knowledge you’ve acquired, such as when you do healthcare consulting or other non-clinical work.

Refund Policy

I have a 100% refund policy. I will refund your money if you don’t get any value from our first 60-minute session.

You shouldn’t pay for a service that you’re not happy with. After all, my website has enough content to give you a good idea of whether I’m the right physician career coach for you. If not, there are so many others to choose from.

My Client Testimonials

My hourly career coaching and ongoing career coaching program with physicians have been successful. By popular request, I have been collecting testimonials from my clients.

4 replies on “Physician Career Coaching”

Hi Mohammad,

My name is Manoj Reddy. I’m a radiation and integrative oncologist. My colleague Chase Son told me about your site- very impressed with content.

In 2020, I founded an international group of integrative oncologists called the integrative oncology working group or IOWG. We now consist of 85 members. Our group’s key features networking/creating a sense of community, community building, and education. In 2023, I plan to add practice building type meetings. Many of our group members may be interested on classes to help them build a telemedicine and/or supporting health coaching. I was wondering if you would consider giving our group of brief overview of possibilities. Also, wondering if you would be interested in small group teaching lessons on health coaching/telemedicine where The group can share the expense for the class. Would be happy to discuss by phone.

Hi Manoj. Thanks for your message. Great to see that you brought physicians together under the umbrella of integrative care. I’d be happy to put on a group session and there are enough resources on my site and other platforms that anyone with enough time should be able to fill in the gaps. The best way to reach me is on whatsapp.

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