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Paycheck Update: October 2016

My 2-Week Paycheck For End Of October

Well, it was bound to happen, this is the first time I received no paycheck from my employer.

A few months ago I let them know that I was going to quit, they decided to keep me on to do some telemedicine and now that I have decided to go per diem  my paychecks from them have completely dried up.

Surprisingly it doesn’t feel too bad. After all, I have some savings set aside in cash to pay for my daily living expenses.

Not Sure If I Still Have Any Benefits

Now that my income has dried up I suspect that I no longer will have any benefits from my long-time employer (health, dental, retirement).

I am strategizing to make sure I end on the best terms possible with them, I don’t like burning bridges and I believe there is a lot of great opportunities at this company which I may want to be a part of in the future.

Spending From My Checking Account

I have about $15k in my checking account which should last me about 10 months if I remain frugal.

The past few years I have gotten quite comfortable spending, knowing that I will make plenty of income to cover however much I decide to spend.

The next few months my plan is to spend from my checking account and try to keep about a $5k buffer in there.

As long as I have some money left in my checking account I won’t care about bringing in more income. And should I start running low I have a few sources of income which I can tap into, I’ll discuss them in future posts.

My Income For Next Month

Looking ahead I suspect that I will get income from 2 different sources. I will start posting my income from the various gigs that I’m pursuing and I’ll keep looking to build up my own business from the experiences I am gaining.

I am not aiming for any particular amount. Though it would be good for me to make enough so that I don’t have to dip into my savings.


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