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Paycheck Update: 9/30/2016

What I Did With My Skinny Paycheck 9/30/2016

Hold on, let me gather my thoughts here. I haven’t gotten a paycheck this low since 2007, that’s 9 years ago! Matter of fact, I spent this much on clothes a month back in 2011. This is half of my monthly mortgage for my penthouse condo back in 2012. But also fortunately, it’s nearly $1,000 more than my monthly base expenses… that’s the good news.

At this level of income I am working below 50% of a full-time schedule which means I am not eligible for benefits such as health-care, disability insurance, life insurance or retirement.

This is good because I am now at the cross-roads. It’s been 90 days since I gave my notice to leave work. Though I haven’t left it fully it’s now the time when I have to decide if I am going to go back part-time, per diem or not at all.

If I leave my job completely I would need to:

  • return my laptop to work and get my own
  • return my cell-phone and get my own cell+service
  • I would need to buy health insurance

I don’t have much else to say about this paycheck. The money is going straight into my savings account until I can figure out the next few steps. It’s really exciting and diarrhea-inducing.


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