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Paycheck Update: 9/30/2015

Bi-Monthly Paycheck: 9/30/2015

So this paycheck reflects a few extra shifts I did in August. Not a lot, I had 200 hours of paid time, 20 hours of which was administration time. It didn’t feel like a hectic month.

As before, my actual take-home pay was $7,500 and the rest of the income dollars is whatever is contributed by my employer towards my retirement.

Great timing actually, as of this writing the stock market has dipped quite low, a great time for me to be buying equities and bonds. My financial adviser wants me to have more bonds, that’s in the works. For most of the year I have been buying VTSAX at $53 per share, now at $47 it’s likely a great bargain.

I have some cash in the checking account already, I like to keep some cash around because I don’t have much of an emergency fund for various reasons that I can get into in later posts.

I am getting close to paying off my student loans, so I will add this $4,643 towards that. I will also take $1,000 and send it to my money market account. The MM account is in my brokerage, I use this money to buy investments especially when they are at a bargain. Yes, I practice market timing which is such a taboo, shame on Dr. Mo.

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