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Paycheck Update: 9/15/2016

What I Did With My 9/15/2016 Paycheck

This is officially the last nice paycheck I’m going to get from my employer. It includes some phone shifts I have done and my base-pay. It’s complicated as to why I am still getting paychecks from my job because I sure as shit didn’t do $8k worth of work. Next month’s paycheck should be a lot more anemic.

I’m not investing any of this money because I’m not quite sure where I’m going next. I might want to open up a brothel, sell weed, buy freight trucks, raise feeder crickets or spend my savings on blow. For now most of it is staying in my checking and savings account.

My HSA is still getting funded, it has a balance of somewhere in the $1,800 range.

My 401k and 401a combined are near $92k. I am still getting a 401k match and frankly I have no fucking idea why. I should ask Andrew, my financial adviser. Andrew, what gives??

I have around $40k sitting in cash in my savings account which is just a simple money market account with an interest rate of 0.00000017%, compounded over 30 years I should have about a penny added to my principal.

The idea of keeping more money in cash right now is that I am not quite sure what career path I’m pursuing next. Having accessible money allows me wiggle room because I have money to spend on daily expenses without needing income, I have money to invest in courses and books, and money which I can invest in a business or use as collateral for a larger loan.

Personal Capital, my free investment tracking site, says that I have a net worth of $660k. They use Zillow to estimate my condo’s value at around $170k, a little higher than its real market-value. Otherwise PC is quite accurate and a great way for me to track how I’m progressing.




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