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Paycheck Update: 8/31/2016

What I Did With My Second August Paycheck

Twice a month I get a paycheck from my medical group. The gross paycheck has my 401k deducted from it and another 21% is matched by them divided into a 2% 401k match, a 9% Money Purchase Plan, and 10% Cash Balance Plan.

I stashed $3k from this paycheck into my savings, just a simple money market account. I could be investing it but I would rather hold on to some cash right now in case I want to make any business investments.

I left some money in the checking account which will pay for my basic expenses as I get settled into my NorCal life. I need to obtain my California medical license and DEA so that I can start practicing up here.

I have about $487k in securities investments, which are index funds ranging from REITs to international mutual funds. The vast majority of this money is in tax-deferred accounts which means it would be a big pain in the ass to access.

My condo is worth another $160k and I’m listing it as an asset only because it’s no longer my primary residence which means I will either sell it to make a possible profit or rent it out to generate income. The latter option is more favorable, it’s about time I learn a little about rental income properties.

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