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Paycheck Update: 7/30/2016

What I Did With My 2-Wk Paycheck

One hell of a nice paycheck, that’s $10k in 2 weeks. As always it reflects extra shifts I did in June, about $2k worth of extra work. This is my take-home pay and it includes all the different tax-deferred contributions.

I’ve maxed out my 401k yet my medical group is still matching at 2%, so I guess they just match regardless of whether I contribute to my 401k or not – nice. That’s $244 that’s going straight to buying a small cap index fund in my Fidelity retirement account.

The Money Purchase plan, another benefit from my medical group, matches my paycheck at 9% and so that’s $1,100 which goes to buying an international index fund in my Fidelity account.

TheĀ Cash Balance PlanĀ is now at nearly $40k. When I’m officially off the payroll I will roll that money over into an IRA and probably park some of it in my Vanguard brokerage account.

Again, I don’t think the HSA was worth the headache, in retrospect I wouldn’t have signed up for it. But perhaps I’ll come to appreciate that I did later in life, we’ll see.

I can’t really calculate my savings rate because I am hoarding a bit of cash right now. Though my partner will pay for most of our expenses until I figure out what I’m gonna do with my free time it’s still good for me to have cash available. I’m parking it in my checking and money market account mostly.

My total securities investments is about $450k, a little higher after this paycheck.

I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be getting these paychecks. I need to write some follow-up posts as this ‘retirement’ thing isn’t quite as easy as I thought. Well, it’s easy enough but I didn’t expect to battle with it quite as much.


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