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Paycheck Update: 7/15/2016

What I Did With My 2-Wk Paycheck

I am done with my 401k contributions. For some reason I still got a 2% match – no problem, I won’t fight it, I’ll let it go this time but God help me if it happens again!!

I left some in the checking account since I’m quitting my job, I will need access to cash. I usually keep around $4k in my checking account, this should suffice. I keep maybe $100 in my wallet and I’m trying to keep a few grand at home – maybe just being paranoid but it’s good to have access to cash.

My savings account is a little over $30k. If I stick to my budget then this should last me well over 2 years. And that’s assuming I don’t make any income – unlikely. I have a money market account where I keep the money, fairly easy to access.

My medical group is contributing money to my cash balance plan still and the balance is somewhere around $36k. I can take this money just like any other ‘retirement money’ and roll it over into an IRA when I leave my group. If I took an approved leave of absence┬áthen they would keep it for me in the same account for up to 12 months – not bad.

The HSA balance is now around $1,600. Every paycheck about $98 is deducted and added to that account. Before officially leaving I will have them max out the rest of the money so that I can contribute the max for the year.

This is what my paycheck looks like, it’s a pain in the ass to decipher. I strongly believe this is done intentionally, why in the hell should it be this hard to understand my paycheck?

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