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Paycheck Update: 6/30/2016

What I Did With My 2-wk Paycheck 6/30/2016

I don’t remember how many years I’ve been tracking my paychecks closely, at least 4. I’ve caught many, many, many mistakes on it… interestingly it’s usually underpayment though the few times there was am overpayment I didn’t protest.

I would like a moment of silence for this paycheck as it will be among the few larger paychecks I will receive as I transition down to part-time…….. okay, that’s that.

I’m done with my 401k contributions, $1,500 per paycheck for the past 6 months. That’s $18k invested, solid. The matching will end as well so I’ll take those categories out moving forward.

$1,201 contributed on my behalf to my cash balance plan… in just 2 weeks! That’s just awesome… thank you oh dear medical group. Those panic attacks in the room and sweaty armpits were well worth this.

Here is how I really feel about backdoor Roth’s and HSA’s… meh, not worth the effort but I’m doing the latter. I did the backdoor thing for a couple of years and frankly it’s not my kind of backdoor style, let’s leave it at that.

I invested $4,500 in my US equity mutual funds because I’m still a little heavily weighted in international, the goal is 50% US and 50% international mutual funds in my equities and about 10% in bonds. I didn’t follow the recent market stuff, I know it shook things up and my friends all texted me but I’m in it for the long-run so it won’t affect my decisions.

Seriously, let’s take a minute here to reiterate this … I was able to save $4,500 from a 2 week paycheck, what an incredible opportunity. Pretty much anyone reading this site has the same opportunity, don’t give it up, invested properly it can go really far.

I left a little ‘sum ‘sum in my checking account because I’m gonna be doing more traveling to see my woman and if I keep feeling so damn anxious at work I’ll probably take some time off so I’ll need some cash to live off of.


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