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Paycheck Update: 5/31/2016

My 2-week Paycheck For May

I didn’t work much extra this month so the paycheck reflects that. I’m becoming more comfortable with working less and making less. With my investments in the $400k range it’s okay for me to slow down a little.

As always, I’m maxing out my tax-deferred investments, this helps me lower my taxable income and allows my investments to grow without being taxed. It’s a win-win for me.

The HSA balance is becoming respectable, almost $1,300. Making it rain!

401k will be maxed out in 2 more paychecks, which is great, more money left for me to invest in my private brokerage. That money is always a little easier to access than tax deferred accounts.

I’m torn about buying bonds. But, for now my financial adviser is recommending I buy so I will listen like a good boy. With this $4k transfer into my brokerage account I will be buying a bond fund soon as soon as the money clears.

I’m gonna slow down putting money in my savings account, it’s somewhere around $30k and I don’t think my FA would want me to keep much more than that in cash.

My savings rate, calculated off the take-home pay, is 91%. That’s if I include what the medical group is setting aside for me. I think that’s fair, after all, I’m working for it. They ain’t giving me that money because I’m good-looking, take my word for it.


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