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Paycheck Update: 4/15/2016


My gross income this pay-period was $9,858. From this $1,357 went to state, federal and payroll taxes.

My medical group contributed $2,030 on my behalf just for one paycheck, not bad. This is the money purchase plan, the cash balance plan and the 401k match.

I’ve grossed $109k for the year already. This includes a $6k bonus check for the previous year.

I’m still building up my cash reserve though it’s time to stop since I want my money invested in the market and not just sitting around collecting dust. I have right around $30k saved up in cash, stashed in a money market account.

I only contributed $700 towards my investments this paycheck, I’m hoping to increase that by a lot moving forward. This will go towards buying bonds, which I don’t have much of right now.

As of today I would have to work at my medical group for another 1,100 days in order to vest in my traditional pension plan. Seems like a long time but I’m hoping to make it, we’ll see.

I’m so amazed that my portfolio has cross the $500k mark, that’s an incredible achievement for┬ásomeone who had a negative NW back in 2013.

Some people will focus more on increasing their income, building a business, or investing in real estate. I’m more focused on lowering my need for income in general.

My spending hasn’t been coming down as much as I’d like but I don’t expect it to when tackling an unpredictable work schedule.



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