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Paycheck Update: 10/15/2015

Bi-Monthly Paycheck: 10/15/2015

This paycheck was for work done in October, the pay is for 7 shifts. I get another $1,000 per paycheck for all the other administration work that I do.

My balance in my checking account usually hovers around $3,000. My expenses have increased a bit since I am eating out a little more and socializing more.

I have moved to paying for everything with my debit card and am no longer using any credit cards since July of this year. It has made keeping track of my expenses much simpler and though I am no longer using YNAB it might be time to hop back on YNAB.

I’ll probably fall a little behind on student loan payoff but I felt compelled to make a sizable contribution to a friend’s wedding budget.

Stay tuned for the next paycheck, it should be a little larger. I’m still planning on paying off all my student loans by the end of 2015… crossing my fingers. You can view the other paycheck updates here.

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