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The Modern Healthcare Consumer

In medical school, we are taught about the patient. In the real world, patients are hard to find. Instead, there are healthcare consumers, customers who are looking for a particular service or product from us. For the idealists, skip this article because you’ll probably post a comment you’ll regret later. For the more cynical, enjoy. […]

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Applying for a Non-Lucrative Visa 2022

My girlfriend and I are trying to figure out our next travel destination. I’m not much of a traditional traveler but we do enjoy living in new places. In a way, we are long-term travelers. We prefer to live in a place long enough to feel like we have settled in. For this reason, she’s […]

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Employment After a License Suspension

If you’re reading this you likely had some medical board investigation turn sour. Maybe you are on probation or had a license suspension or license termination. It’s not the end of the world and here is how you move forward. You are looking for employment after a license suspension which is not easy. But I […]

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Applying for a Mexican Residency Visa

I have toyed around with the idea of obtaining a residency in Mexico for some time. A couple of months ago I finally decided to apply for a residency visa in Mexico. I like the country, I enjoy the language and culture. And I am not sure I’ll always want to be a resident of […]

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Working Remotely

It’s 2021 and some doctors still think that it’s weird to do telemedicine or they believe that there are no remote working opportunities for physicians. If not for the pandemic telehealth wouldn’t have taken centerstage, but what about all of the other remote working gigs for physicians? Those have always been around and are growing. […]