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Your Online Physician Scorecard

Most of you know how to search your own name. Type your name into a search engine and you’ll see what’s being written about you online. The good news is that most of us won’t have a lot of stuff. Still, it’s worth a search every once in a while. If you want to be […]

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Demonstrating Value to Patients

You can buy a cup of coffee at 7-Eleven for $1.50 or you can buy a $4.00 cup at Timeless Coffee. One therapist charges $75/hr and another $400. As consumers we know there is a different in value but it isn’t always easy to explain it. Take a Kia sports car and compare it to […]

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Developing Resilience in Medicine

Resilience, it’s the thing that makes a shitty situation feel rather normal. It just has this connotation as if it’s something unique which only a few people possess. Still, our modern culture loves it when you can develop some skill or a unique advantage. It makes stand out among the backdrop of 7 billion people […]

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Instagram Marketing for Physicians

For over a year I have been using Instagram for both of my brands. Mostly to find clients but also to connect with other physicians in the same space. In this post I’ll discuss my experience with Instagram. Specifically, Instagram marketing for physicians. I have also recently completed an Instagram Promotion. It’s basically an advertising […]

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Results of my Google Ads Campaign

I recently spent about $500 0n a Google Ads campaign in order to test out their marketing services. The results weren’t what I expected, which I’ll share in this post. Google Ads is a service which displays ads to a specific customer demographic. You can choose the keywords you want to use and which website […]