Online Courses for Digital Nomad Physicians

I have several published online courses for physicians which can help you live more of the digital nomad physician-lifestyle. A little more location-independent and a little less tied down to a 9-5 career.

I publish my courses on Teachable which allows me to edit my courses, add new sections, or introduce all new courses.

Physician Online Courses

I update these courses regularly and keep them relevant. The prices aren’t low but I believe that attracts the most dedicated.

These courses aren’t free-standing – they include regular access to me. I have applied for all sorts of jobs in the past and have plenty of experience to live the digital nomad physician lifestyle without getting locked down in one place.

How I Create Courses

When I’m asked the same question repeatedly I know that it’s worth putting that knowledge into an accessible document.

What better way than an interactive video. That’s what these courses are – a mix of audio and video and infographics to drive the point home and teach you someting new.

I create these courses with specific people in mind. If it doesn’t apply to you then contact me and let me know what you’re looking for.

How the Courses Work

These online physician courses are designed to be interactive. Posting comments and interacting with other physicians or myself will be important.

When you purchase a course you also get access to me via email or text or phone. This is helpful to dive deeper into certain topics.

From time to time, the same people ask the same questions so I add addendums to these courses.