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Online Clinic Website Design

I learned so much from finishing Week 4 of my new DocDigital Online course. We dove deep into your clinic website design – everything you need to know when designing the website for your online practice.

Interested? Take my course! 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t like it. I promise you’ll learn a ton.

Website Hosting

When I do the research, I learn a ton and make the necessary changes to my own websites. But I knew from way back in the day that the hosting company you choose matters a lot.

Page speed is quite important – a few milliseconds more, and you’ll lose a potential customer or patient. I go with Siteground, though even professional site designers still recommend BlueHost, which is like buying groceries at Target.

Your clinic website design should guide the ideal website user to the exact page you want them to go to. For me, that’s my 15-minute free booking page.

Does the URL Name Matter?

Nope. It’s fairly irrelevant these days what name you use for your URL. And here I was, stressing to try to find something that would make sense:

Your telehealth practice site should have the right content and that is the single most important way to rank. The website name or the URL will matter little.

Website Pages

This is important. There are certain pages your website needs in order for it to rank high and properly direct your patients to the right places.

The basic list includes:

  • About Us
  • A landing page
  • Contact Us
  • FAQ
  • Services
  • Prices
  • Resources

I learned from my marketing team that I need to have different pages that I can use to track my marketing campaigns. So, now I have more pages, and all are properly set up to work with my Google Ads campaign for tracking.

Contact Page & Booking

Contact forms are terrible, in my opinion. They seem to either fail or need to be monitored. An email is easier, but the last thing you want is for someone to reach you easily – it kills your marketing.

But I want someone to book a session with me easily, and I didn’t pay enough attention to that when building Digital Nomad Health. I still have some work to do, but it’s getting there.

The goal is to make it super easy for someone to book a paid session with me; and somewhat easy to book a free initial consult. And damn near impossible to contact me for free.

I like Calendly, but you must experiment with what fits you best. Your EHR’s built-in booking page may suffice.

Articles & Blogs

Lesson 5 in Week 4 of the DocDigital Course covers the blog posts and articles section on your clinic website. This is where you get to rank high online because of the content you publish.

It’s not just about writing the right content but also backlinking and creating a proper link-tree structure on your site.

Where to Build Your Site

In the bonus section, I take the students through sample website design using my favorite website creators and how easy it is to make a fully functional site in minutes.

An online telehealth practice site has to be easy to navigate, very responsive, professional, and reliable. These aren’t easy things to achieve.

In Week 7, we will review sample websites from fellow physicians to review what is good and what needs help.

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