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One Payment Away From Being Debt Free

One Payment Away From Paying Off My Student Loans And Being Debt Free


The final balance on my student loans from medical school. I should be one paycheck away from paying this off.

From 1996-2005 I spent $150,000 on my education. $4,786.86 is what’s left of all of that shit. Not to mention all the interest that I’ve paid over the years. That’s 5 years of undergraduate education and 4 years of medical school.

I’m not bitching about the student loans. I know people whine and moan but…. the student loan was sort of an investment right? If I could buy a business for $150k that would net me $200k/yr would I buy that business? Shit yes!

I made a ton of mistakes along the way. The smartest thing was to refinance the loans and locking them in at 2.75%. But I also made minimum payments for a long time which actually increased my principal. Sure… I didn’t know any better than but for those companies to take advantage of that… not cool. Sallie Mae, you are a cold-hearted witch.

Back in May 2015 I decided to take my best friend’s advice and start paying my student loans off. I went into Student Loan Destruction Mode. Since then pretty much all of my money has gone to SL’s and almost nothing to my investments … which hurts a little.

I started out with $72,187. And now this is all that is left. I’m stoked. One payment away from being debt free, completely debt free.


What’s your student loan balance? What’s your plan with paying it off?

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