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November 2018 Income

I earned $476.93 for all of November.

Send money. 

Since I retired in 2016, I’ve had other months with no income so it’s only minimally anxiety inducing. 

My November 2018 income was low because I haven’t yet received my consulting income and I did very little JustAnswer work. 

Of course, the elephant in the room is that I had my medical license severely restricted due to recent medical board investigation funs. This led to termination from all of my telemedicine gigs. 

JustAnswer Income – $477

I’ve intentionally limited how much income I bring in from JustAnswer because it’s so easy to earn income from it. This might seem counterintuitive but I have been burnt before dedicating too much time to a single income source. 

I could milk JustAnswer in my boxers and make an easy $5k a month with 1-2 hours of work a day. But that will keep me from pursuing other exciting endeavors

Future Income

Looking towards December 2018, I’ll probably continue doing my consulting work. I have a new project with one of my clients which is keeping me busy. I should be earning about $5k for December for this project. 

I don’t think I will get a health coaching client this month – might be a little too soon. But I want to dedicate a good amount of bandwidth to getting that business off of the ground. 


Some good news here – one of the telemedicine companies I’ve worked for in the past has been incredibly patient and cooperative with me. 

Their medical director and I chatted yesterday and she let me know that based on everything it seems that they could have me continue seeing patients for them.

Despite my recent troubles with the medical board, none of it was patient-related. There were no poor clinical outcomes so their lawyers don’t see any reason why I can’t continue seeing patients.  

This was exciting news because it’s one of my favorite telemedicine platforms. I might be able to get back on there sometime in January. 

There is also DialCare and I still do telemedicine work for them. Their volume is lower but it’s a solid platform and they allow me to work from another country, if that need arises again. 

Net worth update

My net worth is doing surprisingly well. I don’t follow mainstream financial news and don’t ingest any other news sources, but a few friends panic texted me that the markets have been down recently. 

Well, looking at my net worth, all seems fine. 

My net worth is hovering somewhere around $840,000

Dunno what else to say about it. Woop, there it is. 

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