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Non-clinical job postings for medical professionals

Here are a few jobs I came across for medical professionals who want to do something different. It’s just to give you a sense of what else you can do with your medical professional license and medical expertise other than putting your finger in someone’s butt or counting pills. 

Utilization Management

ezURs is looking for board certified physicians to perform chart reviews. It’s essentially UM work which I’ve discussed on the blog before. 

You can work remotely and need an active medical license in just one state – doesn’t matter which. It’s part-time. 

Renown Health is offering yet another UM position for a full-time physician and you would need to relocate to the gambling capital of the US. 

Medical Affairs Consultant

Syneos Health does consulting work in the biopharmaceutical fields and is looking for a consultant to join their team. 

The ad is vague as fuck but it seems that they would prefer someone with graduate level experience in the field. 

It’s a full-time gig in SF, Cali.

Group Care Consultant

Centering Healthcare Institute is looking for someone who can lead these sessions with a group of patients for disease management. 

The job involves travel but you don’t have to relocate. You don’t have to be a physician for this job. Sounds rather interesting. 

Pharmaceutical Consulting

A Chicago pharmaceutical company is looking for QA reviewers. I’m guessing the job is in Chicago – who knows.  What are batch records? More importantly, are they edible?

Willis Towers Watson out of SF, Cali is looking for a clinical pharmacy consultant with experience to consult on Group Benefits stuff. Sounds boring as fuck, but please, don’t let me stop you. 

Sales consulting

There are lots of medical professionals in the sales force for medical device companies. It can be insanely lucrative since much of the work is bonus based. 

Hill-Rom makes all sorts of medical devices including hospital beds. They are looking for someone to pretty much be their sales lead. This involves lots of traveling – great way to escape your nagging partner and find some strange ass. 

3M is looking for essentially another sales/consulting person but this time it must be a physician who will help implement their technology or product. This is a remote job. Lots of traveling. 

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