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No More Flat Tires On My Bike

Tannus Solid Tires, Make Commuting Easier

I’m carless which means I’m also left without auto insurance payments, no auto repair bills, not having to stop at the gas station and not having to pay to register my car, as well as having a much lower risk of being in an MVA.

The only thing tough about switching to a bicycle and getting rid of my car was getting those fucking flats. It rains here quite a bit (well, it drizzles, this shit ain’t rain) so changing a tire in the rain leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

I got sick of those flats and I tried a few flat-prevention methods. Some people swear by them but the majority of people say they are useless.

I decided to try these Tannus tires. They are awesome, perfect fit on my Brompton and they feel just a touch stiffer than 100 psi tires. They perform very well in the rain.

Pedaling is tougher, no doubt. Going uphill especially and rolling downhill you feel the increased resistance. But, after a few months on these it feels normal.

Fuck I talk too much, lemme get to the point. Today after a beautiful morning bike ride into work this is what I found on my front tire. Yaya! An ugly little thumb tack fucking the shit out of my front tire. Well, guess what, solid tires, what you think of that you $%&@ thumb tack?!


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