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My Passive Income vs. My Expenses

Passive Income To Support My Expenses = Early Retirement

When these 2 lines touch and cross I’ll be retired…. bam, it’s that┬ásimple! The red line is what I spend every month and the blue line is what I make every month from my investments (not my income from my job).

Red line represents my expenses. Blue line my income from my investments.

The red line is a bit schizophrenic because some months I just spend too much. Some of it is work related but most of it is on shit that I don’t need to be spending money on.

The blue line has been steadily going up since 2013, and dropped end of 2015 because I cashed out some of my investments to buy a condo.

So…… if I can bring my spending under control again (Dr. Mo needs to stop eating out and paying for dates) then it should be pretty easy to have those lines touch in the next couple of years.


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