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My Income & Spending June 2021

I no longer keep track of my income and spending. My income is getting tougher to track because there are several sources. And it’s usually enough to cover my spending, which isn’t much either these days.

For June 2021 I earned an income from 4 main sources:

  • rent
  • investments
  • consulting
  • clinical medicine

The ratio of these varies from month to month but these have been my main sources for a few years now. 

Rent Income

My Portland condo, I only rent to people I know. In June a friend had it for 2 weeks and I made $600. It’ll be rented out for July, August, and September as well for $700 per month. The money is enough to cover my overhead for the condo plus a little more. 


My investments are mostly stocks and bonds in my brokerage account. A few years the income wasn’t high enough to keep track of. But over the years the asset value has grown and my spending has decreased. Disregarding any appreciation in the assets, my dividends have made me around $1,000 for the month. 

Healthcare Consulting

My consulting is in the healthcare space. I call it healthcare consulting. It’s often with healthcare startups but even larger companies have been paying me to do some work for them. My hourly rate is around $100. I made around $5,500 in June consulting.

Clinical Medicine 

My clinical work is mostly telemedicine. One platform is pure telemedicine and the other has me answering medical expert questions. I’ve mentioned these platforms before and each has its own advantages. I probably made $500 for the whole month. 

That’s a little over $7,000 of total income for June 2021. It’s far more than I need but I enjoy the work I do. Healthcare consulting helps me learn new things and clinical medicine is just enough to keep me engaged but not bored out of my mind. 

It’s the wiggle room that helps me feel a little more financially secure. I can ramp up my telemedicine work or I can find more consulting clients. If that fails I can rent out one of my condos for a higher price.


My spending was around $2,700. I have my carrying costs for the condos which are utilities, HOA, and property taxes. But I was living in the Portland condo for half of the month and before that, I was staying at a friend’s place in Joshua Tree for free. In exchange, we did some remodeling work for them. 

The rest of the money went to dining out, groceries, subscriptions, rock climbing, and entertainment. 

Since I don’t have a big overhead with car payments or debt I can make spending adjustments rather easily. If I needed to I could cut out the gym, entertainment, and dining out. But honestly these days I like the work I do and there is enough of it that I’ll likely always have enough money coming in. 

It’s a good sign that I no longer keep track of my income and spending. I don’t even track my investments. It’s probably the result of finding work I like doing. I’m not trying to run away from this work. It doesn’t burn me out. 

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That is great article
Impressive to know how a physician can cut cost and live with peace
Thank you Dr Mo was setting up a great example for all

Pls keep posting spending blogs
We love it. !!

We get sucked into a particular consumer lifestyle as physicians, or at least I did. But there is no reason that a physician can’t live like a barista or day laborer and still enjoy all the basic amenities you get in the USA.

There is a lot of reading on this site about investing in a brokerage, I think it’s good reading. There are other blogs that also talk about it. I think the White Coat Investor does a great job but maybe his spin on real estate is a bit heavy for me.

Teladoc, Amwell and DOD volumes are back up to all time highs (150-200 every time I log into Teladoc queue). No shortage of side hustle dollars in telehealth. Bruh, the biggest marketer of YNAB has left the building? Happy for you dude. You could make way more on your real estate rentals.

I wanted your input on what you think about rental car investments? I’m considering buying a couple used cars to rent out on “Turo.” Thoughts?

Not bad. I’d start with one of your own cars and see what it’s like. And I’d recommend larger cars which people can use to live in or move stuff in. It’s a niche that isn’t as well represented on Turo. I used to rent 2 cars on Turo and it paid for all my car expenses and then some.

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