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Moving Apartments in Seville, Spain

I’ve been in Seville, Spain for 2 months – it feels much longer. This little studio I’ve been staying in has been delightful but it’s time to move on. This post is a quick update on my living situation in Seville for anyone who is interested in settling down overseas.


Current Apartment in Seville

I found this little gem for $600/month with all utilities included on AirBnb while I was still in the US. I can’t recall how I picked this area but I’m sure the price had something to do with it.

It’s a 170 sqft studio with a nice little patio, A/C, and a full-size bed. The price includes WiFi, water, and electricity.

The location is ideal. I am in the center of the city. Calle San Luis is the main street which dissects the center from north to south and I am situated at the northernmost part of Calle San Luis.


The place is just fine but there are a few things which make it tough to enjoy my stay at this apartment. My neighbor’s smoking is really the only thing – it’s inescapable. Having grown up around second-hand smoke most of life, I can’t tolerate more of it.

The WiFi is DMV-slow. It’s manageable; I can always connect to my phone’s hotspot or read a book.

I actually don’t like living in the city center and would prefer to be a little further out. But options are limited since those apartments are rented long-term.

I didn’t have a washer/dryer so I’ve been doing laundry once a week by hand. It’s not all that bad and with the heat here, a dryer is unnecessary. Washing clothes by hand makes me appreciate simple things like soap and water.

Hot water. I’ve had hot water but it takes so long for the water to get hot that I’ve only taken 3.5 minute cold showers a couple of times a day. It’s fine, honestly, not as bad as you might think.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I have to walk through my landlord’s house to get to my place. And I have to cross Alicia’s patio to enter my unit. I guess they call these attic flats – who knew.


Hunting for Flat #2

I’ll miss this place. My chain-smoking neighbor, Alicia, is a wonderful woman. She’s a video editor for smaller movie and documentary productions. My landlord, Belén, knows the city really well and also knows a lot of people, which has been a great way for me to meet people.

I was torn between finding a 1-br or just renting a room out from someone. In the end I’ve decided on getting my own place. I enjoy the solitude for now.

My Spanish is getting better but doesn’t cut it for apartment hunting in a competitive market. I’ve decided to do another 3 months through AirBnb and then figure out the next steps.

My next AirBnb is a 1-br also, located in the city center. It has a patio. The entrance is private and I don’t expect a lot of hostile smoke. I have a washer and hopefully a vacuum cleaner this time.


My Mistakes

If I could replan this, I would have gotten a flat for only 1 month in Seville from the US. This would allow me to settle in and then have time to find a new place.

I have 2 bags worth of possessions which would make moving incredibly easy.

Even now, it would have been better for me to just rent month-to-month. I only figured this out now. Getting a flat for another 3 months wasn’t necessary. I guess I was worried I’d end up homeless.

There would have been nothing wrong with me staying in different flats 1 month at a time, all over Seville. This would give me a great idea as to what neighborhood I want to settle down in eventually.

In fact, one of the great things about Europe is that you are free to travel to different countries as though you’re going from one state to another in the US. So why not take advantage of that?

Lesson learned. I still managed to book a 1-month stay in Rotterdam, Netherlands. It’s only a short flight away from Seville, Spain and I’ll get to visit a buddy in Amsterdam which is a quick train ride away.


Purchasing a Condo

I haven’t ruled out purchase of a condo but I haven’t too many uncertainties to pull the trigger on this. Once things settle down with the medical board then I can give this option more attention.

Housing prices in Seville are competitive but not too bad for a popular city in Spain. It’s definitely cheaper than Barcelona.

It’s also relatively easy being a landlord here compared to the US. I figure that whatever apartment I purchase, I’ll rent it out in the future.

3 replies on “Moving Apartments in Seville, Spain”

Thanks for update. I like your general approach and plan that ‘bounce around’ option as well until it gets tiresome.

Maybe I missed it, is that $600 in Euros? What’s the new place? Housing is such a big unknown for us now and while AirBnb makes it seem idiot proof it’s good to confirm with real on the ground people.

Finally, I know your a gym rat primarily but how hard is it for a gringo to go to the gym and find people to climb with outside? There’s some amazing looking places in southern Spain that I want to hit.

For my current place I am paying 600 USD which is somewhere in the 500 euro range. My landlord said that she’d have gladly rented the place to me on a month to month basis outside of the AirBnb contract but I’m not sure that sentiment is ubiquitous since there is some protection built in for both parties by using AirBnb as the middleman.
The new place is 850 euro a month – that’s a lot but it’s month to month and all utilities included. It’s in a very desirable area – not necessarily the area I would have wanted but that’s where everyone wants to be – central.
Lots of outdoor climbing just a few miles out. The weekends the climbing gyms are fairly empty, everyone is doing their thing outdoors. Very easy to make some friends and ride along for an outdoors trip.
When I was in Barcelona lots of people invited me along, just not my cup of tea.

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