Mohammad Ashori MD

23: Medical School.

27: Family Medicine residency.

29: Moonlighting.

32: San Diego Kaiser Permanente.

35: Ultra frugal lifestyle.

36: Moved to Portland KP for the lifestyle.

37: Financially independent – March 2016.

38: Started healthcare consulting as Dr. Mo.

39: A state medical board complaint resulted in a 30-day license suspension.

41: Moved to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Started a virtual private practice.

42: Healthcare consulting career took off for healthcare startups.

43: Lived in Oaxaca City, Mexico.

44: Built Heart Health Coaching brand.

45: Moved to Los Angeles to get back into Urgent Care work.

Mohammad Ashori MD Online

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Reddit is where Dr. Mo answers free medical questions for the community. A virtual volunteer practice.

Mohammad Ashori has posted hundreds of family medicine cases on Figure1.

Quora is an online community where Dr. Mo offers medical expert advice. It’s a way to connect with other healthcare experts.

Sister Brands

Digital Nomad Physicians started out ‘Urgent Care Career’, where Dr. Mo posted anonymously while working at KP.

Nomad Physician University is where online courses are created and sold to help fellow physicians redesign their work.

Digital Nomad Health is the virtual primary care practice for California patients who are fellow nomads.

Heart Health Coach is a consumer brand where Mohammad Ashori does individual health coaching.