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Medical Malpractice Review Physician

I haven’t come across a better online profile than that of Dr Jeff Willis. He offers to review malpractice cases for attorneys and advertises himself very effectively on LinkedIn as a medical malpractice review physician.

What is He Doing Well?

A page banner that answers all the essential pressing questions. He mentions he offers input for “Case Merit” and “Strategy.” This is a great way to advertise his medical malpractice review work to the right people (attorneys.)

He also helps attorneys find the right kind of expert witnesses. I suspect he has a really good network of fellow physicians all over the US. Where better than LI to do that?

And he mentioned that he can cover all specialties. Brilliant.

He has an immediate CTA “Attorneys >>> Book a Call Today!”

In his description, he covers any other questions an attorney or a decision maker might have: Medical Malpractice Physician | Case Merit Review & Expert Witness Search | Nationwide | No Retainer

Posting Regularly

Not only does he post regularly, but he always advertises himself. After all, the reason we share free content as experts online is to connect with the right people.

I write this free shit so you guys get some really great content for the adventures you seek in medicine. I share everything I find of value and take the time to dissect it. In return, some of you end up needing my help. If I post regularly, you’ll remember me and book me for a consultation or buy a course from me.

Educate and Answer Questions

Specifically, he talks about the med-mal cases he reviews and offers insightful posts for not just physicians but attorneys. This is really powerful.

The people who find you may not initially be your clients, but I have medical students and residents now pay me for my consultation because they’ve been reading my stuff for a few years now.

The value you offer will always be remunerated. That’s how capitalism and free economies work.

Don’t Fear the Competition

Of course, you might read this post and think that if Dr Willis is already doing it, what’s the point? The point is that there is always much more to go around than you think.

Instead of fearing the competition, think about how to stand out. Not only should you carve out your own niche, but you should also carve out your own category so that you stand out even more.

If you want to offer med-mal review work then choose a niche like workman’s comp or neuro or cardiovascular etc. And offer packages and specific services. Make it easy for someone to become your paying client.

Be Available

If someone wants to reach you but you’re a pain in the ass to reach, then you’ll lose that lead. Learn to lock in a lead whether you’re running a virtual medical practice or doing consultation work.

I love Calendly for this exact reason. Dr. Willis has a great Calendly link that’s simple and effective. Copy it.

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