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Medical License Suspension Update – Letter of Reprimand

For those who have followed my medical license ordeal, I had my license suspended in the state of Oregon for 30 days after a lengthy medical board investigation. The ordeal started April 2017, it’s now the end of September, 2018.

I finished my 30-day suspension and then set out to deal with the other states I was licensed in and report the suspension to those other states, California and Washington.

I also needed to report it to the medical groups for whom I was doing telemedicine work, as well as Medicare and Medicaid (CMS).

Everything was going according to plan. The shit storm that Oregon created for me was finally settling until Oregon threw another wrench into things – a letter of reprimand.


Checking in with Oregon

I checked in with Oregon after I served the license suspension and they said that after I pay my $5,000 fine then they could give me the all-clear and I should be done with this particular license matter.

I have a person with whom I can communicate via email – my liaison. It’s a person the medical board assigns you who supposedly is on your side and looks out for you.

I will be making the last payment for the fine next week so I assumed everything was going well – until I received a new letter in the mail last night.


California License Suspension

Because my medical license was suspended in Oregon, California reflexively suspended my license until they could perform their own investigation.

Communicating with California was a nightmare even though they were quite professional about the whole process. I was living in Spain at the time and they would only send certified mail for which nobody could sign. And they wouldn’t share the contents of the letters with me over email.

The only way I could have gotten around this would have been to have my lawyer in California communicate with them. In hindsight, that would have been the best option and would have saved me some headaches.

But I didn’t want to spend any more money on my lawyer. I used them as a consultant and didn’t have them represent me. I had already spent a lot of money on my Oregon lawyer.


Oregon Letter of Reprimand

I left Spain a few days ago and I am back in the US. My lawyer suggested that because of the communication issues I have been having with California it would be a good idea to just go ahead and go back to the US and handle things from there.

I arrived last night and checked my mail to find a letter from the Oregon medical board reprimanding me for not reporting the California license suspension to them.

This is absolutely ridiculous and circular. The Oregon medical board should have the foresight to anticipate a reflexive license suspension by California. They shouldn’t reprimand a licensee for an obvious consequence of something did.

But what can I do? Yessir, yessam.


Next Steps

Imagine the ridiculousness that has to take place next.

I have to contact the state of Washington and tell them about the California license suspension as well as the letter of reprimand from Oregon.

Then I have to contact California and tell them about the letter of reprimand I received from Oregon. Then I have to report whatever action they might take in retaliation back to Oregon.

Then I have to contact CMS and notify them of these matters as well – again.

Fortunately I don’t have any employers left since I got terminated from all my telemedicine gigs or else I would have to report this to each of them as well.


Your Medical Board Liaison

I was assured by my lawyer that the liaison assigned to me by the Oregon medical board is on my side and there to help me and that I should fully trust her.

My experience with the Oregon medical board has been beyond disappointing. At no point was my perfect work history or my extensive volunteer history taken into account. I made a mistake which didn’t have a bad outcome and now I will never have a clean work history again. This makes it hard to gain the trust of a potential employer and makes me a target for a malpractice lawyer.

As for the liaison, I have had to drag every bit of information from her. She has offered me no help whatsoever and hasn’t helped me to navigate this process.

It’s not that I am trying to complain and cry about the situation. I am offering this recount of my experience because there is nothing about it online. Nothing. It’s 2018 and physicians have been silenced like slaves by medical boards and medical groups to keep this shit silent and hidden.


10 replies on “Medical License Suspension Update – Letter of Reprimand”

Oh my!

What a crock of S*@t you are enduring and it is ridiculous of the catch 22 predicament they put you in.

I think I got a brief reason of how this all started out with, that you provided a service to a friend without charging or an order, correct? That seems ludicrous to cause this amount of uproar over by the boards.

I think it has gotten out of hand. You would think the board is on your side as they are supposed to be comprised of your own colleagues but it seems that they have gotten out of touch with hands on medicine.

I hope this nightmare ends for you soon. I can’t imagine what the final tally in cost will be when it is all said and done as well as permanent black marks on your record 🙁

Yes, the details was that I asked the nurse to get an EKG on a friend. Neither me nor her documented the EKG. It wasn’t a good decision on my part but she saw the line in the urgent care and wanted to leave and had no intention of waiting. She’d put off the EKG for 3 months all because she had a hard time getting one done.

The nurse got fired over it and decided to make up all sorts of lies to the medical board to throw me under the bus.

I definitely accept the fault here and no way do I want to present myself as a helpless victim. But what I did doesn’t need this level of attention from the medical board nor this kind of punishment.

In the end I did something for a patient which for whatever reason she wasn’t able to do. I didn’t get a blow job out of this or pocket thousands of dollars. It was a good gesture and something I can’t fathom not doing as a physician for a patient.

The process has been eye opening though and I’ve had a lot of other docs contact me because they find these pages from researching their case online.

Have you considered using a mail service? I use Escapees and they have authorization to accept certified letters. They will handle all of your mail, scan letters, even happily open them and read them over the phone to you. They can forward mail internationally as well.

I should have thought of that – I was peripherally aware of these services but didn’t know if they could handle certified mail or if I could trust them with these sensitive issues. Good to know. And thanks for the suggestion of Escapees.

Dr Mo,

It sounds so f***ing ridiculous they could suspend yout licenses for such a stupid thing.

Hang in there! I hope your income is not affected and you can get all the licenses back ASAP.

Fortunately, I have managed to get all the licenses back. I am mostly now doing some work for just answer which is a text-based clinical Consulting gig. It makes me quite a bit of money into work is really easy and I don’t even have to use my medical license. I know some of the other positions on here have had trouble getting credentialed with just answer but once you do, it’s a pretty good gig and it’s the only one that you can do from anywhere in the world.

You can sue but it’s all out of pocket and it’s so beneath me to sink to their level. Each of those individuals whom I’ve interacted with have to deal with their own actions, come to terms with their own behaviors. Me suing them, them reprimanding me … life’s too short and too beautiful. If Oregon doesn’t want me to be a doctor, that’s fair, it’s their prerogative. Adding more unpleasantry to the world goes against my philosophy. I’m in a fortunate position and I’m doing my best to tell my story to other medical professionals. I’m butthurt – won’t deny it – but I have options too.

I completely empathize with what you have had to endure. I am going through a similar situation and it is a complete nightmare, as well as surreal.

Thank you for sharing. It’s surreal, for sure, that’s the exact same word I’ve used many times to describe it. Nightmare, yea, maybe. But a nightmare isn’t intentional, nobody is trying to inflict it on me and I know that it’ll pass. A medical license suspension or reprimand letter or a probation will be you forever. I’m more stigmatized with that than an AIDS patient would be in our society. It’s as if I served a federal sentence.

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