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Making Money From Your Laptop

Whether you’re burnt out from practicing medicine or just want to switch things up a little, you can earn a solid income as a medical professional from your laptop. You can even do this while living anywhere in the world.

Many physicians dream of traveling the world when they retire and if you don’t want to put that off until your 60’s, keep reading.


Remote jobs

Remote jobs have been the norm for the telemarketers since the late 90’s – nothing new. Since the early 2000’s, software engineers and network nerds have managed to work from home and enjoyed remote jobs.

It’s 2019 and remote jobs are becoming the norm. It’s creating all sorts of problems for states and nations who are in the business of collecting taxes and securing their borders. They want you to shit, eat, sleep, and spend within the confines of their walls to maximize tax revenues.

Oregon, for example, doesn’t want someone living in Washington while they earn their income from Oregon customers because there is no state income tax in Washington. And the US doesn’t want me earning money from US customers while living in Spain where the income is low but spending and taxes are even lower.

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We are going to see some very interesting laws coming down the pipeline to curb this sort of cost-saving behavior from the bigger nations and the more powerful states. These are often panicky responses to globalization.

Other countries, on the other hand, such as Estonia, are taking full advantage of this and encouraging remote work and online entrepreneurship.


Working from home

Working from home sucks – for the most part. If you’re a full-time employee or have your own full-time solopreneur business, then being stuck at home and turning it into an office is the pits. Ask any full-time engineer or writer or social marketing expert, working from home takes all the joy out of being able to socialize with coworkers. It takes the joy out of coming home to your little sanctuary.

If you are only working 1-2 hours a day, like my lazy ass, then working from home is fantastic. Even better, you can work from a cafe or the library. Today I am writing this blog post at my local Fred Meyers, from all places. They have a gorgeous lounge that’s air-conditioned and I can go downstairs for a snack anytime I like. I can use their bathroom and they even have a coffee shop downstairs as well.


Remote jobs for medical professionals

Whether you’re a dentist, a psychologist, a podiatrist, PA, NP, RN, or a physician, there are remote jobs – online jobs – which you can do from anywhere in the world. It all depends on how much work you are willing to do and how much income you need.

I recently learned that Oscar hires PA’s and NP’s to do telemedicine. I love that. We need more hands on deck and it’s nice to see that progressive telemedicine companies are jumping on board.

When it comes to remote jobs for medical professionals, I’ve mentioned a ton of such options on this blog and I have personally tried out all of them:


I’ve earned the most money from doing telemedicine but the work has always been highly regulated and you work under this umbrella of privilege – not in a good way, as though you are lucky to have this job; as if every doctor is killing to be a telemedicine physician.

And that’s simply not true. There are a ton of telemedicine jobs out there and the work is relatively easy except for the fact that you are practicing medicine. But it’s not easy for these companies to recruit enough doctors.

When it comes to telemedicine, I have done work with:

  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Teladoc
  • Doctor on Demand
  • DialCare
  • American Well
  • Remedy
  • Roman
  • Oscar
  • Spring Health
  • Just Answer

Healthcare consulting

Healthcare consulting – or any kind of expert consulting – is fun and though it can take some time to get that career off the ground and find your first client, it’s lucrative and flexible.

I have done work for Just Answer which has been my most lucrative client. And I currently have 2 other clients for whom I do specific consulting work. One is more admin and the other more healthcare technology based.

Chart reviewer

To review charts for insurance companies or government agencies or healthcare institutions, you just need a professional degree. They need RN’s, MA’s, dentists, physicians, PA’s, NP’s… you name it, they need it.

I have done work with Nexus in the past and I applied for a job with the DMV which might be have been interesting – but I didn’t get that job.


You don’t have to do healthcare specific work. For example, you can be a paid writer. You will at first get paid per work or per short article. As you improve, you will get paid for larger projects. You can even become a staff writer once you get good enough.

You can focus on pretty much any topic and don’t often have to be an expert. Of course, you might get your foot into the door faster if you have a professional designation.


I taught at the local community college for $59/hour with full benefits even though I only worked 4 hours a week. The work was easy and lots of fun.

I chose to teach in a physical classroom but the program director told me that most students prefer to take online classes. In fact, when I did a survey of my students, they told me that they took my class only because all the online classes were full.


Finally, you can earn money online by having an online business. I still make money selling teachable products from this blog and I am in the process of making money from a health coaching business which I am actively marketing.

You can sell shit online or you can have a website on which you sell advertising. If you’re a medical professional, one of the best website to have is one geared towards whatever your group consumes. With that kind of a website you can find targeted advertisers who will gladly rid your audience of their money.


Living anywhere in the world

I have lived in Spain and done both telemedicine and done consulting work for my clients. I’ve learned to protect myself and my identity so I use a VPN to anonymize my location. I know some of you are worried about doing telemedicine from another country and you should be honest with your employer. But nobody, especially not a private company, has the right to know my location even if they spend a ton of money to geolocate me.

If you want to know how to do telemedicine from anywhere in the world then you can purchase my stupidly cheap tutorial on the topic. There are companies which are okay with you doing telemedicine while abroad.

If you are morally opposed to protecting your privacy, you can still earn a decent income from your laptop by pursuing any of the other options I mentioned above. Your laptop and your cell phone will work anywhere in the world as long as you have a WiFi connection.


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Yup, as a career in medicine changes we need to adapt.
Thinking “outside the box” and generating multiple streams of revenue are a great start.
This list may inspire some readers to take charge of their future!

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