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Longevity vs Life Quality

I was watching these 2 regulars at the coffee shop I frequent this morning. One guy is a tall broad-shouldered naturally muscular fellow, think Charles Bronson. The other is this skinny tall slightly more emaciated looking guy, think… crack head. They spend nearly every morning until early afternoon outside of this coffee shop, drinking coffee, chatting up the regulars, enjoying multiple cigarettes a day.

Today the two of them were bent over one of their truck’s open hood and looks like they were talking about the battery. They were so at peace, so in tune with what they were doing. The two of them were merrily hanging out, smoking their cancer sticks and enjoying their moments.

Both of these individuals appear to have enough street smarts to know that cigarettes are bad for them. But they are still enjoying their smokes. They go about their day with a carefree aura that I certainly am not trying to overstate but it’s palpable for sure.

A good quality life lived day-to-day is so much more important than a life lived stressed out but lived without any vices. Made me think how I am going to counsel my patients when they ask me about their diet, weight, health, their bad habits etc.

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