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Living In Portland Without A Car

1.5 Years Without A Car

It’s been 1.5 years since I’ve owned a car. I still have a driver’s license just so that I can have access to Car2go and rental cars.

I actually could quite easily give up my driver’s license and be fine. Any of my transportation needs could be met with public transit, which I use a lot of, or Uber/Lyft.

I get to experience and feel some amazing scenery by being on a bike. Sure, it’s scary sometimes because cars can get a little too close but I’m also a little more cautious when riding.

I’ve gotten so accustomed to walking and riding my bike that I actually don’t even bother riding when traveling a distance under 3 miles, it’s just easier to walk it than unfold the bike, lock it up at my destination etc.

I snapped the pic above on my way home from work. I rode back in a light drizzle but right when I got to the pier this is what I saw… fucking gorgeous. 2 other bikers had stopped to enjoy the view. It was 11:30pm.

I’m fortunate to have selected a city that works hard to keep biking paths safe, and beautiful. This is the Columbia river, on my way to one of the urgent cares I work at.

It’s a little tough for me biking in the sun but I’ve gotten good about covering up just right to not get face fucked by the sun.

Riding home at night in the summers when it’s still light out is incredible, I’m looking forward to that.

During the daytime it appears that most people are out on their bikes to exercise though they might also have their change of clothes at their office.

I am by far the slowest on the bike path. Not that I give a shit but maybe I’m just not in as good of a biking shape.

Up until 11pm there are still a good number of bikes out on the road, likely commuting home. After that it tends to die down.

I haven’t had any bad experiences. There was a transient looking dude on a bike who was harassing everyone going past him on a bike late at night maybe 3 months ago… that’s it.

The bus and surface rails can get a bit sketchy later in the day, especially when traveling towards the hoods. I feel a touch uneasy but I think worst case scenario I’m gonna get mugged, big deal, won’t be the 1st time.

Overall I’m really glad to have the public transport option.

As for choosing to get rid of my car, fucking brilliant.

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