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Getting Legal Help for Your Practice

Finding a good attorney is just like finding a good physician. Some of them are great, and they may not be great every day of the week. So, to start your search, it’s best to start with word of mouth.

I have worked directly or indirectly with the following attorneys, who are highly recommended. Some of them may not be able to help you in your particular state, but most will be able to offer you the right guidance.

1. Cohen Healthcare Law Group

Michael Cohen has some great content online and publishes occasional YouTube videos, which may answer many of your general questions.

If you are looking for a healthcare law expert, then their firm is highly recommended.

My coaching clients tell me that the amount of information they give you is incredible. It’s a great idea to reach out to them, see what advice they can offer you, and get some idea about pricing.

If you’re looking for an attorney for your medical practice, this is where I would start.

2. Leeds Law

Luanne Leeds gives talks to various DPC enthusiasts. You can find some of her YT content online.

Leeds Law is based out of KS, but they help physicians in various states. Though it’s always best to do that free initial consult to ensure you feel comfortable with an attorney’s familiarity with your state and situation.

I often recommend Jay to my physician clients when they are building a coaching practice. For such hybrid practices, separating the medical and coaching arms is important to avoid running afoul with the state medical boards.

If you need legal help for your practice, Jay and his team are a good resource, especially when navigating the nuances of appropriate marketing.

4. Medical Justice

Dr. Segal and his team are great at helping you accumulate a solid online profile with online reviews. But they also help physicians facing a lawsuit or another online reputation crisis.

I’ve written about Medical Justice before and use them for my various businesses when I need legal help.

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