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My Lean December ’16 Update – Week 2/5

How Much I Spent Week-2, December 2016

Man, this was way harder than I thought. I guess I didn’t realize how many times in the past I’ve given into cravings and spent based on convenience. This week I spent a total of $556, let me break it down.

I published week 1/5 here.

Coffee – $20
Socializing – $112
Work commute – $10
Condo insurance – $197
HOA dues – $167
Home internet – $50

Total for the month so far – $1,084 (Goal <$1,500)


This has always been a pitfall in my expense category. I have a love-hate relationship towards it. I enjoy hanging out with friends and don’t like being stingy when it comes to that. Simultaneously, my friends aren’t necessarily the most frugal.

I wasn’t planning on spending too much this month socializing but I went to a pool hall with a friend and picked up the tab and also got some cash out of the ATM for another pool night.

Work Commute

I went to cover a colleague’s shift last-minute, weather turned super snowy and cold so it wasn’t too safe for me to bike it and I didn’t prepare ahead enough to walk it. $10 for Uber doesn’t seem to bad, writing it off on my taxes.


Condo Expenses

I spent a total of $414 on just the condo. Since I’m applying for a mortgage for an investment property I had to get property insurance which cost me nearly $200. On top of this I had the HOA dues and internet for the condo.

As I’m looking to buy my first real estate investment property I’m realizing how many little costs are hidden within real estate. I’ll be honest, it has me thinking twice about buying a rental income property, but perhaps I can put my good budgeting to use and turn the unit even more profitable.

What Went Well

I spent no money on eating out, cooked all my meals at home and it really wasn’t all that bad. I admit that I’m majorly craving a solid vegan pizza from Sizzle Pie.

Though it probably won’t make a big dent, I’ve avoided taking the MAX rail and commuted pretty much only on foot or by bike. It’s a great feeling to not have to be dependent on any particular system for transportation. Since I don’t own a car I know I’m already saving several hundred a month there.

There are all these little expenses that I would normally click to obtain without much thought. This week I avoided buying a couple of thing on Amazon, I didn’t order a movie online and I didn’t make an extra trip to the grocery store for random stuff.

Looking Ahead To Week-3

My sis is coming to town so I need to stack the fridge and make some dishes ahead of time. I want her to check out a few good spots here so I’m not planning on being cheap. I’ll probably skip my coffee budget for the week so that she can experience some Portland goodies.

I have one 10-hour urgent care shift, gotta prep my meals for that day ahead of time. I’ve been meaning to look up some new recipes online.


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