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The Private Physician Linkedin Group

I want to invite you to check out my Nomad Physician group on Linkedin groups for those of you who are looking for a private and secure space to discuss career options for digital nomad physicians.

Group Privacy

The group is private and I review every physician before letting them into the group. Whatever you post there remains in that group which encourages open discussions.

It’s a place where we can share resources and also connect with others in healthcare. The healthcare startup scene remains strong even during this inflationary economy.

And where better than Linkedin to learn about opportunities in the nomad healthcare space?

Sharing Resources

I don’t share a lot of things on this website because medicine is so highly restricted and regulated.

Instead, I use Linkedin as a place to discuss my career aspirations and the good resources I come across. And I hope to engage you guys to chat on there amongst yourself … talk shit, vent, share resources, start some arguments, whatever.

Group Moderator

I am also looking for a group moderator for the Nomad Physician group. If you’re active on Linkedin please contact me to chat about it.

The moderator’s job is to bring up good discussion topics and also share helpful resources.

Group Dynamics

Engagement is important to me so I will keep the Nomad Physician group small. It’s better to remove members who are less active and replace them with more active members.

So, don’t join if it’s not the right time for you or if you already feel overwhelmed with your online responsibilities.

If you are looking to connect with others or ask for help, your vulnerability and openness will be appreciated by Nomad Physicians.

Joining the Physician Linkedin Private Group

To join this private physician Linkedin group you have to be a physician and you can request access to the group.

Medical students and residents are welcome. The goal is to have a lot of variety on this Linkedin group and spark good conversations.

I hope to see you there.

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