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Job Search For Doctors: The VA and NEJM Career Center

Urgent Care Job Listings I Look Through When I’m Bored


Searching for physician jobs is one of my least favorite things to do. The websites are created and managed by those with IQ’s well below 13. However, after about 8,100 clicks you can usually get to the right page. Sure, there are click-bait sites that will scavenge these listings but I would rather roll around on a bed of hot coal than weed through a thousand ads just so I can find one job listing for:

“Physician needed to see 10.75 patients an hour in a busy urgent care with poor staffing, high opioid abuse¬†population, no specialists within 1,000 miles and offering $35/hr WITH benefits… limited to cafeteria access.”

Word on the street is the VA is a pretty good place to work. I haven’t really done any posts on job searches and it’s on my to-do list. There are a lot of jobs out there that just don’t get a lot of press so I think this will help the readers of this site… all 2.5 of you!

I have 2 websites I would like to post, one for the VA and the other one is job listings for urgent care positions through the NEJM Career Center.

VA Physician Jobs – I recommend typing in urgent care in the search field near the center of the page.

NEJM Career Center

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