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Job Interview: International Medicine

I came across a job positing online, looking for an associate medical director for a new office being started in the Philippines. This medical group specializes in providing medical care to their subscribers while they travel overseas. They coordinate medical management by communicating with the overseas providers to ensure US standards of care which their patrons are accustomed to. I am still learning about them, I get the sense that they have wealthy clientele who purchase this insurance as a supplement.

The job would require for me to relocate to the Philippines and they would provide full training. The scope of the practice is interesting, pretty much anything and everything. Most of the work would be done on a keyboard but sometimes you have to fly out to random destinations. I would be partially responsible of hiring the staff at this new location.

I had my first interview with the HR director, made the first cut. Coincidentally, they want to venture into telemedicine and I happen to be fairly well versed in this. I made sure to point this out to them, nothing wrong with selling myself a little.

The second interview was with the current medical director. I got the sense that the job is a bit more focused on doing telemedicine. I will have to find out a little more but they offered me an in-person interview. I would hate to waste their or mine, so I have a few questions that I emailed to the medical director to get more info.

I don’t have the details of the pay, the hours or the benefits. I’m in a fortunate enough position that I no longer need to prioritize income or benefits. I’m excited to find out more about this position, I’ll keep you posted on what else I learn about it.

I regularly apply for jobs that sounds interesting. Oftentimes the less favorable details of the job come out once you interview with the very last person. It would be great if employers laid all the good and bad out there at the very beginning.

I encourage any physician who feels comfortable in what they are doing to regularly browse through the job section of various medical journals. It’s interesting to see what else is out there, and leaving room for a little serendipity in your life can only be a good thing.

Revisit your resume, make sure it’s updated. It’s easy to forget the various things you do throughout your career unless you constantly add them to your resume.

2 replies on “Job Interview: International Medicine”

This sounds like a unique opportunity to do something outside of the ordinary. It’s great that you’ve worked hard to be financially independent and able to consider a position like this regardless of the pay (which could actually be pretty good, who knows?). I’ll be interested to hear more if you go further with the interview process.


Interestingly, the job is turning out to be more a telemedicine gig. I am not against that, but being a telemedicine physician is a bit like being a robot and in this current medical system it’s tough to really get the art of medicine across on a telephone or video visit.

And I’ve done enough job interviews to have learned that the real details come out in the end, once you interview with the medical director. And though she spun it more like it was going to be a medical director gig they just want a US physician in the Philippines and have them do telephone visits at a time when I will be awake to take calls from US patients who are calling in the middle of the night.

I don’t care to judge, perhaps they weren’t trying to cover that up and it just slipped by me. However, I don’t think it’s the right gig for me at this time. I’m still having one more meeting with them, let’s see what happens.

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