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My Job Applications This Week

Once every couple of weeks I go online and search and apply for various jobs. Most of the job applications are related to medicine, but some are out in left field. That’s how I landed a few good telemedicine gigs and my teaching gig at the community college.

I learn a lot by looking at the job requirements. It also exposes me to the various industries which are springing up quietly. For example, I see that a lot more NP’s and PA’s are getting hired and that disease prediction is becoming big business.

The work has to be interesting, the income is less important which allows me to prioritize the quality of the job.

In the first 5 days of this month, October, I’ve already made nearly $1,200 from Just Answer. I also managed to land a new contract with one of my consulting gigs for October, worth $6,000.


Job Applications This Week

This week I applied to 4 jobs. I’ll list them below and discuss how I found them.

I follow the same process every time so it has gotten quite streamlined by now. It’s actually fun coming across all these different gigs out there.

1. GoodRx Editor

I have written about GoodRx before and saw that they had a position advertised on DOC. They are looking for a medical editor [great keyword to remember].

They need a physician with 3 years of experience writing journalistic material. Check. I have been writing for this blog for 3+ years.

My routine is to send in my resume along with a catchy cover letter. Don’t be shy about adding in links in your cover letter if possible. Since this is a writing gig, I obviously need to stand out as a writer.

2. physician for CVS pharmacy

You might wonder why the fuck would CVS pharmacy need a physician. Well, I always wondered how they could do without one – guess I was wrong. If there is an issue with a medication, instead of spending hours chasing down the prescriber, you can run it by your in-house doctor.

I went on CVS’s website and looked through the ‘careers‘ section. I used the keyword [Physician] and 50 PA jobs came up along with a single physician job on the 2nd page.

Apparently the job is out of Arizona but the description makes it seem as though they allow for remote work. I don’t know how interesting this job might be but it would satisfy my voyeuristic desire to see how CVS works from the inside out.

3. Consultant For Gyant

Who is Gyant? Had no idea, I guess it’s a telemedicine company but they seem to employ machine learning algorithms to aid in patient care. I like it. It’s just the kind of work I would be interested in.

I found this particular gig on indeed using the keyword [medical consultant] and found this job offer by Gyant on the 2nd page.

They are looking for a physician who understands SNOMED¬†and can help them write algorithms. The work is actually much easier than it sounds. One thing I learned about this whole AI consulting stuff is that it’s important that I am able to communicate well with the software engineer.

The software engineer with whom I work in now is half my age but a great mentor, I’m learning a lot from him.

4. Volunteer Consultant for Medical R&D

On the 3rd page of the same search on indeed I came across a medical startup which was looking for a physician volunteer who could help them with R&D work. Also part-time, 6-10 hours per week.

Funny, I wrote a post about some R&D related stuff not too long ago. In that post, Jason, a commenter on the blog, pointed out that I had some gaps in my knowledge and offered to wisen me up if I was interested in chatting with him. What a resource!

Also, a good from mine, H., does this kind of work for a living. She isn’t a medical professional but has an MBA and has tried to bring me on in the past.

Let’s say that I volunteer on this startup board for a few months, they learn a lot, I learn a lot, and I slap this into my resume. I’m sure some good things would come from this in the future.

If nothing else, I’ll be referring my friend H. to them and my MD/JD friend, K. It would be a win-win for everyone.

The advantage of applying to other jobs when you are already employed is that you can make a decision from a place of financial security. This often leads to better decisions and the interview feels less like an interview and more like you’re making a new connection.


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