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Income october 2018

This month, October 2018, I had 3 income sources for a total of $15,242. Let me break down my physician income for you.


Gross Income – $15,242

I haven’t done any telemedicine work after I was let go from all my gigs due to the medical board investigation. It’s a shame because I miss it a little but this brother ain’t hurting for money, so….

Consulting – $11,000

My total consulting work was worth about $6,000 but there was a previous amount which I hadn’t yet received, so I got a check for $11,000 – nice.

Though I am comfortable billing my services at $75/hour for now, I have learned that this is okay to do when you first get started. Later, it’s necessary to bump up your rates to remain competitive.

We have an understanding that I will set aside 20 hours of work per week with this healthcare startup for an hourly rate of $75. I will definitely address this in future posts.

Since I am new to consulting, I have found a good mentor who is guiding me through this process. She’s been great at helping me understand the consulting landscape and also how to better communicate with my client.

JustAnswer –  $4,112

I only did about 2 weeks of work, maybe 1 hour per day at most for JustAnswer. I have taken the last 2 weeks of October off because I was busy with my consulting work and also because I didn’t need the money.

I am loving the work though. I have the whole system down pat and it’s really easy for me to earn a couple of hundred dollars in under 1.5 hours.

If you are at all interested in making easy money without using your medical license, then I highly recommend my Just Answer workflow tutorial. You can do this work with your laptop or cell phone from anywhere without any worry about privacy.

Digital products – $130

You just read my pitch above, here is what I made from the sale of such products on my blog: $130.

I now have 4 products for sale on the blog shop. I feel good about them and think that they will provide at least 100x return on investment. You can’t get that kind of return anywhere else – I know, I’ve looked.

They come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee which makes me feel good. Someone buys it, thinks it’s shit or doesn’t apply to them, they get their money back. And they’ll probably recommend it to someone who might benefit from it. Everyone wins.



Once again, all my income was pre-tax which is the way I want it. I’m looking forward to tax season because this year I don’t have to wait for a W2.

2017 was a beautiful tax season, I made a ton of money for being “retired” and paid the lowest tax percentage yet.

My total income for 2018 so far seems to be somewhere in the $100k range. I’ll have to decide whether I want to max out my HSA and my individual 401k. Plenty of time left to decide that.

I doubt that I will qualify for an IRA but we’ll see.


Looking towards November 2018

I’ll continue my consulting work and will continue to apply for different gigs out there. It’s not just for the income, I want the diversity. If I can consult for one company then I should be able to consult for another.

2 companies have reached out to me on my blog and asked me to do some consulting for them. That’s great, this is the first time I have gotten any inbound requests. They are both insurance companies and they want help implementing digital patient-doctor interactions.

Think about it, if there are 2 inbound requests on such a tiny blog as mine then there must be a huge demand for this kind of service. So, with this knowledge, I’m going to put together some information packets and start marketing to different companies in the same realm.


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