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Income: March 2017

How Much Money I Made March 2017

I’m pretty much working like a per diem now, come to think of it.

I’m working when I want except for the Remedy gig which I try to be vigilant about as soon as a patient comes online.

In this post I will list my various income sources, how much money I have made in March 2017 and what my future plans are when it comes to income.


Income Sources

For the month of March I made a total income of $10,724. Yea, I suck at being retired.

For those who are trying to catch up, on 2/4/2017 I decided to retire from my job. I am still trying to define the word retirement as it pertains to me.

I suppose what’s important to me is that I no longer need the income. I now continue to work a few hours here and there in order to not forget my skills.

There is an advantage to not having to touch my investments and savings in order to pay for my daily living expenses – so I suppose that’s another good reason to keep earning an income.


Kaiser Permanente

I made a ton from KP but only because $3,752 was owed to me as part of a bonus from the previous year.

My total income from KP in March was $6,894.

For a little extra income, my chief asked me to help a little with the provider socials and department meetings since there isn’t anyone else right now that is interested in doing it.

For this hard work I get 4 hours a month of admin pay ($100/hour). Cha-ching! I’ll take it.

I am doing some in-person shifts in the urgent care when they are slammed. Otherwise most of my shifts are on the phone doing virtual medicine.


Just Answer

I got $344 from JA but that’s for the work I’ve done in the previous month. I’m generally working 2-3 hours a month with JA, so I suspect most of JA income will be the same.

The work isn’t bad, but for whatever reason I keep being lazy and don’t log onto the service enough to do it.

They would do better with an app, it’s easier to log on when I’m on the go. Or maybe that’s just an excuse.

JA is desperate for US-based physicians, so for anyone reading this, if you are interested contact me and I’ll put you in touch with the recruiter.


Remedy Medical

I am starting to really like Remedy. It’s that company that is charging $30 per patient and marketing to those without health insurance.

Though it took a while for me to get used to their system, they are making a lot of headway and there are 1-3 patients a day whom I manage on their app.

I’ve made about $3,400 a month from Remedy and so far I have no complaints.

What I did with my income


I have decided it’s time to be a little less selfish. It’s time to start donating more of my time and more of my money.

There aren’t a whole lot of worthwhile organizations which I am comfortable with donating my money to. For now, my family and friends are my best donation destinations.


Cash Investments

Now, cash normally isn’t considered an investment. But in fact, it’s exactly that as long as you have a plan for it.

Cash can be a very powerful investment as long as it doesn’t sit idle. It has potential energy – lots of it.

I am starting to tickle my entrepreneurial nerves. I would like to keep some cash on hand in order to invest in potential opportunities.

I will only risk around 5% of my net worth for such endeavors.

A friend is opening a second coffee shop in Portland after running a successful one. If things work out, I might decide to invest in this new pursuit.


Net Worth Update

Our current bull market is like the beer goggles that make your date look attractive. You just can’t stop looking at it but … you know what’s really going on.

At $736,000, my net worth is starting to really take shape.

It’s not the balance that matters, as I have mentioned before. What matters is how diversified the assets are and how well-invested they are.




The majority of my investments remain in index funds. I have REITs, stocks, and bonds.

I am aiming for a 50/50 US and International index fund mix. Right now I am slightly weighted towards the US.

Over the next few months I’ll make sure my asset allocation closer matches my 50/50 goal.



I am holding around $15-20k in cash.

I don’t have a solid plan for the cash yet. However, I will continue to add some more cash to my cash investments.

Real Estate

A decent portion of my net worth is in real estate ($175k), that’s great. I think I can leverage this tiny little condo into an income-producing thing, yet.

Rent in my hood is somewhere in the $1,100/month range for a studio.

My realtor, Tim, has been helping me look for an investment property and we have looked at a few together but nothing has panned out yet. He has his own investment properties and has agreed to take me under his wing – if I buy with him, of course.

He prefer for me to get into a duplex, so I’ll keep looking for that.

Future income plans

Over the next few months I will continue to work on my virtual practice. I think this will be a good way for me to build up a small patient panel, allowing me to practice medicine regardless of my living location.

Next week I will be interviewing with a local doctor who has a few unique practices. Let’s see what comes of that, he is doing a few neat things that I would love to get involved with.

I am loyal to KP, as long as they need the help I will continue to put in some hours.

There is one other company, American Well, who has a really nice app and website to practice from. I have been doing a little work for them.

I suspect that in April I’ll be putting even more hours into AmWell. Stay tuned, I’ll give you guys some feedback in case you are interested in practicing with them.

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