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Income June 2019

I earned a total of $8,454 for June 2019. All of the income was from remote work, working as a digital nomad physician in Spain. Can’t complain.

1. Healthcare Consulting – $4,250

Healthcare Consulting is definitely my favorite work.

I had income from 2 clients. I interviewed for 3 more positions in June and all of them fell through because of my medical board investigation background – real shame.

$3,000 came from one client and $1,250 from another client.

I’m not giving up on finding new clients. I have the knowledge and working hard on improving my expertise.

2. Just Answer Work – $4,000

Just Answer has been a solid source of income. They have been busier than usual and I am getting some very interesting requests. It’s interesting to see questions from people in other countries: Nigeria, Italy, Spain, Germany, UK, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and Philippines.

Medicine is practiced very differently in other countries – I had no idea. This is making me excited about getting my medical license here in Spain.

I earned around $4,000 for spending about 15 hours for the whole month. I usually login when I wake up in the morning and once again at night before I go to bed.

3. Blog Products – $117

I am steadily selling my blog products on this site. There is a lag when the product is purchased and when I get the money. I also lose about 30% in fees but I don’t really care. Even if I broke even, the experience is more important to me than the income.

I decided to bump up the prices to $300 from $150. We’ll see how that changes things. I am not sure if I want to create more courses or focus more on my consulting work. We’ll see. Creating the courses is a lot of fun.

4. Telemedicine Dial Care – $60

Dial Care telemedicine has been great and their volume is picking up. But I am not quite as diligent with picking up the patient as soon as I get the notification.

Also, I’m not longer worried about getting enough clinical experience. I have been seeing my own patients on my own telemedicine platform for free. Why for free? I’ll tell you guys later.

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Love your blog ?
Pls post great ideas and income source for above/ Dec ?
Enjoy Spain !

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