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Income July 2019

My July income was rather similar to my June 2019 income, with a gross of $9,672. All of income is pretty much coming outside of medicine. It’s all location-independent income.

I list my income every month and discuss all of the sources of income. In this post I want to talk about some income projections as well. Writing about it is the easiest way for me to organize my thoughts.

1. Healthcare Consulting – $3,000

I had 2 more interviews for potential healthcare consulting work in July; lost both because of my medical license stuff. I’ve decided to be very open about it. In the past I waited until I was asked about it. Now, I lead with it. I think this is the right way moving forward.

My other 2 clients are still going strong. However, I will be changing my contract with one client, from the monthly retainer of $3,000 to a set hourly rate.

Without a retainer, I have more free time to find new clients and work on my own time. Its downside is that it requires me to be on call for my client 24/7.

The downside for the client is that I’ll work on their project whenever I have free time. And if I have a more lucrative income sources, I’ll choose that over their work.

2. Just Answer Work – $4,810

Another great income source. I’ve written a ton about Just Answer. I asked the category moderator to also add me to the auto mechanic section since I have a lot of experience there.

I know of other websites like this, but I like how JA keeps things anonymous and professional. It’s the right platform for me, for now.

3. Video Review – $822

One of the readers of this website suggested a gig to me which involves reviewing clinical videos online and filling out a questionnaire about them. It’s not really healthcare consulting – it’s alternative medical work…?

The client pays a little under $10 per video I review and it takes on average 5 minutes per. What I like about this is that I get to review content that’s actually interesting and I get to put one more thing on my resume.

There are a ton of videos to review and if I had the time I’d do more. But for now I do just enough to stay competitive.

4. Website Products – $880

The $880 includes selling 6 of my video products and doing a 30 minute consulting session. I lose about 30% on the sale of each video from transaction fees.

The International Telemedicine Course is the most popular, followed by the Healthcare Consulting Course. I am not selling much of the Improved Telemedicine Course – not sure why.

5. Telemedicine – $160

Good month for telemedicine! I got a few clients on my own telemedicine platform – only $30 came from DialCare. $160 ain’t much, but that’s how all good things start – slow.

Future Income Sources

Per Diem Work

I reached out to my old friend Tracy Zweig who owns a successful staffing company. I used her from 2007-2009 for moonlighting in residency and she is absolutely an amazing human being to deal with.

I told her exactly what’s going on with my medical license and she’s going to see what kind of work she can find for me. I gotta be honest, I’m jonesing to get back into an Urgent Care and move some meat. I miss it.

I figure I can dedicate 3 months to doing some per diem work every year. If I enjoy it, I can do it for longer. In the meantime I can work on getting my medical license elsewhere.


I like the telemedicine work I do. Along with my Medical Health Coaching work, it might turn out to be an interesting project. I figure I still have a lot to learn about functional medicine and integrative medicine. But with that knowledge I should be able to attract the kind of patients I enjoy.

I don’t need much income, $1,000/month would be more than adequate. I can do some pro bono work and see the kind of patients I enjoy. It’s a good balance.

2 replies on “Income July 2019”

I appreciate all the info in your posts. I understand why you might not want to share the name of the company you’re doing the video reviews for but I was wondering if you’re aware of any other opportunities to do something similar? I fill out medical surveys for money but they’re often hard to qualify for and few and far between. I’d like to find another place to spend some of my free time and make some extra money. I applied to JustAnswer
earlier this year but it turned out they weren’t needing any more Family med docs at the time. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide!

If you’re just looking for gigs then the following are great resources:
-linkedIn (recruiters will find you – you have to use the right keywords)
If you want to take a more active approach, I would recommend setting a goal of 5 cold-call emails every week. Reach out to whatever company that interests you and offer whatever service you would enjoy doing. This has worked for me in the past. Your hit rate will be 5% but you’ll build a good network in the process.

Think outside of the box. You can contact law offices, mom/pop pharmacies, health product online retailers, medical supply stores/chains, PR companies, podcasts, TV/entertainment channels, local newspapers… it all depends on the kind of work you like doing.

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