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I Love Having A Financial Adviser

$125/mo In Exchange For No Financial Stress

I started working with Andrew Mohrmann a few months ago and so far couldn’t be happier. He runs his own firm at Modern Dollar and is part of the XY Planning Network which is how I found him.


I wrote a little about the process of going about contacting Andrew and our first interaction and the fees that he charges. And he hasn’t disappointed me since. I have run several scenarios by him and asked him numerous questions which he has patiently and thoroughly answered.

I have had my fair share of good and bad experiences with financial advisers in the past. The peace of mind that I have when working with a good one is very valuable to me. Andrew can remain objective because it isn’t his money that he is giving advice about.

I really enjoy the extra work he puts into putting my financial summaries up on his secure website for us to review together. He draws up elaborate but very helpful charts to show me what my money is doing and what it may do in the future based on certain assumptions.

I am not trying to advertise him here but this is how I would describe him: He has this very calm and present quality about him. He doesn’t appear judgmental at all. He doesn’t speak reactively but seems to really put thought into his words. He is never pushy and presents me with great options so that I can make the best decision possible. I feel supported by him. Sorry folks, he is happily married!

I love the idea of being a DIY when it comes to finances. And I think if your financial snapshot is very straightforward and you know that what you are doing is right then why give any of your money to someone else?

This is a great site if you want to learn how to manage all of your own finances. From doing taxes to estate planning. Fantastic resources where you can connect with other DIY’s.

However, I am a bit of an entrepreneur or at least a wanna-be-entrepreneur. I have dreams of retiring early and I would like my money to work for me truly passively. At the same time I would like to pursue a different career in the near future and I would like to buy a house that could save me on rent. I would like to donate a lot of my extra money and time to good causes without going broke. So for me, having someone I can run all this by, as I make constant changes to my life, is invaluable.


Do you have a financial adviser?
How do you make your financial decisions?

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