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I Am Finally Financially Independent

I got my paycheck a couple of days ago, added some more money to my investments and this morning I did a quick check of the math and yes, I now have enough passive income to cover my living expenses. That is the definition of financial independence. I am 37 years old and graduated residency 7 years ago.

I have a paid off condo, no student loans and a low monthly expenses. I’m very excited about this day and very curious what I’m gonna do next.

I’m going to continue working for now but my options have suddenly multiplied. My goal is to create a bit of a buffer so that I have extra money to pursue future endeavors.

I have more thoughts and details to share on this, I’ll write more about it soon. The first thought that came to my mind wasn’t “Sweet, I can quit” but that I no longer needed to work. I can now appreciate the work I do at my job for what it is, serving my patients and offering them the best medical care within my scope of practice.

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