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HIPAA-Compliant Communication

A crucial aspect of a virtual medical practice is communicating with the patient HIPAA-compliantly, protecting their PHI. The constantly changing rules make this a daunting task for the DIY virtualist, but fortunately, HIPAA-compliant communication apps are available.

Spruce is affordable and user-friendly. At $25-50 per month, you get 2-way SMS, secure team chat, video, and a BAA.

Patient Communication & Access

I have no desire to recreate the standard medical practice in a virtual manner. My virtual Primary Care practice is built from the ground up to be unique, focusing on easy patient communication and access for my patients.

Using a standalone app makes HIPAA-compliant communication safer. It will protect you against any HIPAA complaints, and you can send and request sensitive medical information directly to the patient.

Spruce Healthcare Communication

I prefer to have a separate patient communication platform for my practice since I foresee changing EMRs frequently.

Few EMRs have adequately functional patient communication platforms. I prefer not to get locked into an EMR and have to retrain my patients later on.

1. Text Messaging

The patient can send me a text message with media, and I can do the same: 2-way HIPAA SMS.

This is where I can send a referral or lab request to the patient, which they can take wherever they want.

2. Virtual Visits

With Spruce, I can have the patient fill out a clinical questionnaire, though I won’t use this feature too often.

I can use the app to do video visits which is a must nowadays. Telemedicine rules are constantly changing.

3. Automating Messaging

If a patient reaches me after hours, I can automate certain responses for them. This is especially useful for those running a solo practice.

And if I reply to the same text to patients frequently, I can save them and reuse them. Though, I also use Magical to accomplish the same.

This is executed quite elegantly in their app.

4. File Sharing

Media control is important when communicating with patients.

I want to be able to send my patients documents, and I want them to upload videos, photos, or PDFs.

I can share audio, video, photos, and documents using Spruce. Quite powerful.

Alternative Patient Communication Platforms

Doxy is a strong contender in the telemedicine app space. For the same monthly fee, you get the following:

  • Audio/Video telemedicine
  • Waiting room
  • Patient queue
  • Text chatting
  • Screenshare
  • File transfer
  • Payments
  • Teleconsent
  • Whiteboard
  • BAA

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