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Help Patients Save On Prescription Costs

This post is less personal finance and more geared for those who are collecting resources for when they pull the plug on their jobs and go solo. Being able to save your patients on prescription costs will make you a very valuable player in the solo game.

With my virtual practice inching forward, I am needing more and more resources to service my patients who don’t have insurance or don’t have the means to pay for ever-increasing prescription costs.


Blink Health

Blink Health operates uniquely by having the customer pay for the particular medication which they are looking for right on the Blink website. Then they take that receipt to any pharmacy and pick up the medicine.

I have used them a few times for patients and didn’t find it as effective as I liked. For example, a common enough medication, permethrin for scabies, isn’t on their list – or I couldn’t find it.

I did another search for Cozaar, a blood pressure medication and it did a fine job. It lists the price for a 30-day supply which you can change to a 90-day – and that’s actually among the lowest prescription costs for that medication.



Good RX


GoodRx makes the most sense to me, the website is intuitive and it’s functional in practice. They too have an app for download to help patients save on prescription costs.

GoodRx prescription costs

I entered permethrin and got some good prices, $37.71, it’s actually not a cheap cream to prescribe.


I searched for Cozaar as well and actually got an option for an online pharmacy as well which is a nice option to have.

I don’t think it’s a secret that physical pharmacies will be a thing of the past soon. Prescription costs aren’t just affected by pharmaceutical industries but also how medications are delivered to the customer. Online pharmacies will cut costs drastically.



best way to use Such Tools

If you have a concierge service then it would be best to do the search for your patient, save them money and time. You likely will be far more efficient at using the tool than your patients since the quantity and dosage and generic vs. brand name can be confusing.

For my patient population, who are paying much lower prices for my services, I will recommend these apps and tools on my personal website, allowing them to do their own search and choose what’s best for them.

For those of you who are more advanced, you can actually request applets which you can build directly into your website. By doing this, your site will appear much more professional and easier for a patient to use.

Here is a good example of a clinic website using the GoodRx applet on their site.



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