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Healthcare MOOC’s

What’s a MOOC? What’s a healthcare MOOC? A MOOC is a massive open online course which allows anyone to learn a topic for very little money or for free. It’s not limited to class size or your pedigree – it’s open to all.

One of my favorite healthcare MOOC’s is edX. Even though they have tons of other topics, I thought I would highlight their healthcare/medicine topics.


Target audience

Even if you’re a doctor, these courses are fascinating. You can learn about health information technology or economics of healthcare.

You can learn about urology or the opioid epidemic.

This is ideal for the medical professional who wants to change their career but remain in healthcare.

It’s also great for younger individuals, ages 10-20, who are thinking about healthcare and want to know what the material is like.


My favorite list

Here are a few which I think most of my readers would be interested in.


Individual universities

Chances are that your favorite university has their own free open courses.

Here is a popular one by Stanford – Lagunita. From writing to psychology. From disaster medicine to public health.

Imagine being able to learn from individuals who are pioneers in their field – for free.


2 replies on “Healthcare MOOC’s”

I would love to take the AI class, but I’ve forgotten linear algebra and calculus. Maybe it would come back to me, haha. Have you taken it? I also have never heard of Python, though I have a little programming experience. Have you taken that course??

You can go on Khan academy and brush up on the algebra and calc stuff rather quickly – since you learned it once it would take you minutes to learn it again. I haven’t done any python work but don’t think as medical professionals we would need a very high level competence in it. It’s mostly there so that we can better communicate with AI engineers.

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