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Hacking JustAnswer For Medical Professionals

This isn’t going to be a really in-depth how-to for JustAnswer, that is another post which I’m working on, along with the other 240 posts sitting in my draft folder.

Let’s discuss the actual income capabilities of JustAnswer and how to do it right so that you can get enough questions. I’ll touch up on a few other tangents as well.

Income Potential From JustAnswer

There are retired doctors who are making a solid income on JA. And this money is independent contractor income, the kind you want.

I have shared with you guys before that making $3,000 a month with a couple of hours of work a day on JustAnswer is very doable. But you won’t just get answers because you’re pretty or well-hung, you’re gonna have to fight to get the questions.

21 Days, 1 Hour, $1,794

I have been keeping meticulous track of my income and time spent on JustAnswer. I need to compile it before I can give you actual numbers but here is the rough draft.

I have spent on average 1 hour per day starting on August 2nd through today August 23rd – that’s 21 days. And I have an estimated earning of around $1,794. It’s not final because some questions go on for a couple of days, you answer them when you or the client are back online. You start a question on Monday and it doesn’t complete until Friday and once you get at least a 3-star review, that’s when you get paid for it.

This comes out to approximately $85/hour. It’s not a lot but I am not seeing a patient in the clinic. I am less likely to get sued. I don’t have to worry about dressing up. I can log on to do questions whenever I want and log off whenever I want.

JustAnswer Questions

Though JA isn’t a telemedicine platform, it functions somewhat like one. And so questions come and different medical experts can pick up the question.

The point is for you to take the Q’s which you are best suited to answer. That is what makes the customer happy and give you the best customer satisfaction scores.

Getting Paid for Answers

When you’re an expert in a topic and you have an employer then you’ll never make as much as if you had your own website.

Some might think that the income from JA is too little. I find it quite adequate for the kind of work we do and the expertise we provide. After all, we’re not seeing patients – we’re serving as medical experts.

Most questions I can answer really effectively because I’ve done JustAnswer for so long. It’s not a patient/doctor thing on JA… it’s an expert/client relationship. They post a question, I will ask for a bit more information, then I give them my impression.

Communicating with the Customer

Don’t rush to give an answer. Spend the time to really gather the right background info and figure out what the customer is looking for.

There is often a lot of fear on their part and they might be contacting you from other countries. You’ll get a far better result from taking more time than just throwing out an answer.

Picking The Right Questions

I have to say that I have learned A TON of medicine by doing JustAnswer. Stuff that I had no clue about until I researched it. Medications that I didn’t know existed. Medical management styles from different countries.

The right question is the one that you’re willing to research. It’s not always the one you know the most about.

If you’re willing to help the customer and you’re willing to research the topic, you’ll like do far more for the client than their own doctor has.

Dealing With The Shit And How To Solve It

JustAnswer will tell you that you are getting too many 3-star reviews and they want you to be closer to 5-star. Solution: choose easier questions and spend more time with each client and ask them how else you can elaborate.

The clients keep giving you 1-star or 2-star which means you won’t get paid. Solution: read the question better, ask more questions before answering, engage the client more, and ensure that the client is satisfied.

The client keeps going on and on and on, it’s frustrating you and you want to give up. Solution: Stay on point from the beginning, don’t ask open-ended questions and before you even start ask the what question(s) they would like answered and once you answered it remind them of it.

You’re not getting any questions and you been staring at the computer screen forever. Solution: Either it’s a dead time of day or your connection is slow or the JA server is slow. Save your energy, log off and try back another time.

You’re seeing questions but you can’t click on them fast enough. As soon as you go to answer the question it says that another Expert has a lock on the question. Solution: You’re too slow son! You got to be sitting there ready to hit the reply link as soon as the question posts, milliseconds count. You can also try this, let the first question go, usually questions get posted in groups, wait to catch the next wave.

You have no idea how to answer certain questions because they involve specialties you don’t know anything about. Solution: Learn it! Open UpToDate in another window and look everything up. Questions repeat themselves A LOT on JA. If you learn it this time then you’ll save yourself time with the next question.

15 replies on “Hacking JustAnswer For Medical Professionals”

This is awesome, thank you. I have signed up to do JA, but haven’t started yet. I’ve just been lurking on there a little.

I’d say get started, learn it inside and out because you’ll never know when the income might come in handy. And you want to have a leg up on any potential competition should JA decide to suddenly flood the platform with a ton of doctors or affiliate clinicians.

The best times to master a skill is when you don’t need it. And I know JA is just another tele platform but in 2017 we don’t have quite that many options yet. I suspect by end of 2018 we’ll have our fill. For now, it doesn’t hurt to do a little bit.

That’s what I was told by the person who recruited me. If I’m making $3k/month with 1 hour a day then 8 hours a day should be around $24k/month. Makes sense.
And the longer you’re online the more questions you’re gonna get. I have a feeling that person isn’t even putting in 8 hours a day.

Definitely, you can get sued if you’re just sitting in your underwear at home eating Twinkies.
Will the judge hear the case? Likely not.
If they do hear the case and the DA hates you because you’re a minority or a woman then they have to prove you engaged in the practice of medicine.
The MPA (medical practice act) lays it out fairly clearly what is entailed in the practice of medicine.
The answers you provide or don’t provide likely matter.

thanks for this detailed post. i signed up for it but am waiting for the verification process. hoping to get some good news soon!

Congrats. They are super professional so I’m sure it’ll go smoothly. You’ll get the hang of it after a while. It’s a very hackable system. It’s 9pm here in Barcelona and I just finished 1 hour while watching a movie and I’m sure I made close to $150.

I am just doing the verification process. I always worry about the legal stuff, is it possible to get sued?

Yes, anyone can sue you for anything. It’s a matter of filing paperwork – there is absolutely no minimum criteria needed. The customer or patient or person can even file the lawsuit themselves without a lawyer. If that’s your question then you have to decide if you are comfortable handling a lawsuit which might be frivolous or unjustified.
Next, it’s not just a lawsuit. If you say anything on there that the customer doesn’t like, they can report you to your medical board. Will they investigate you? Their investigation rates are in the 10-20% range, so it’s possible.
If you’re wondering if they can file a medical malpractice suit against you, that’s more up to what you are telling the patient. If you are doling out diagnoses on there without an exam and without proper patient identifiers and without creating a medical chart and following HIPAA protocols and getting a patient consent, then absolutely, your ass is toast.
If, however, you are answering general medicine and health related questions without a patient doctor relationship then you can do whatever you want as long as you don’t make false claims. Remain vague and offer your opinion. “Based on the photos uploaded, this appears to be a benign mole”. If a patient keeps pressing you for a diagnosis then you push right back saying that all you can do here is offer an expert opinion in medicine and you cannot be their doctor, for that they would have to be seen in a clinic in person. This is not a telemedicine platform.

As far as any expert opinion, I’ve addressed the E&O risk in other posts which you can read through on the blog. It’s a low risk and though you can get insurance for it, the payouts are often less than $5,000 and it’s hard to even get a judgement.

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