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Google Drive Voice Dictation for Telemedicine

Whether you practice telemedicine or see patients face to face, you are stuck with electronic medical records. I decided to create this video for you guys to help you get through the documentation part faster. I never had much luck with voice dictation software and hated having to install another program which sucked up my CPU. Google Drive is free, cloud-based, and is incredibly efficient in picking up your medical voice dictation.

Just to prove the point, I decided to dictate this entire post. So far, I haven’t had to make any corrections and Google has done an incredible job picking up everything I’ve said.

I’m not sure if Google will let me curse, but go f*** yourself Dragon Speak. Yeah, I figured.

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Dr Mo, Hi!

There’s another way you can streamline your notes.

You can use the Phrase Express ( It’s free.

First, you create your own templates and then paste them using quick commands in a fashion similar to the Epic smart phrases.

For example, you type .sinex (for sinusitis exam) and it past your normal physical exam template. Or if you type .sinex2 (for sinus exam 2) – it would paste abnornal exam, e.g. sinus tenderness on self-palpation.

Those are just examples but you get the idea.

The beauty is that the Phrase Express work in any application – so you can insert your text to any telemedicine software notes without needing to actually open any new windows.

Great resource.
Do you do any dictation at all or mostly use the dot-phrases?
I was using it a lot back at Kaiser, along with the quick commands or ***, but then I just started hand-typing everything. Easier because I was doing urgent care but I’m sure it’s very tedious as a hospitalist.

Yes, I use the EPIC smart phrases where I can, e.g. simple CHF or COPD admission and only in the assessment and plan portion of the notes. I tend to dictate most of my D/C summaries and HPI of H&Ps.

I do think that Goole voice dictation could actually replace dragon in some instances. E.g. some hospitals I worked at didn’t have the dragon, but now I have an option to use google docs, although it’s more cumbersome since you will need to copy and paste.

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