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Giving Very Meaningful Intangible Gifts This Season

I’m not much of a gift giver. Not because I’m selfish (I probably am) or lazy (definitely lazy) but because a gift has to be very meaningful for me to go and buy it and then wrap it and give it to someone. I’ll buy an occasional bottle of wine or a book for someone when that particular item reminds me of them but the last time I did that was probably 3 years ago.

Let me get right to the meat of this post. I’ve compiled a list of really great gifts that you could give someone. No, they probably aren’t very original but definitely personal. The list doesn’t include urethral dilators or an all-inclusive vacation package.

1. Writing And Publishing A Book From Beginning To End

This is a special one. Books are amazing and true works of art. A blog post is an idea that gives you something to think about. There is a little research that goes into a blog post, but it’s not very in-depth. A podcast takes a lot more research and you have to tailor the pace and depth of the monologue to match that of your audience. For a passive learner it can be a great resource. A good book, however, is usually very in-depth, researched thoroughly, and consistent of many layers of knowledge. There is a bit of the author’s personality in there and as an added pleasure you can really get lost in a book.

There may be friends that you know who love writing or who we all sort of wish would write a book. So, for that person consider buying them a consulting package like this one offered below. They get a 1:1 consulting with a successful book writer who will help them first figure out what to write. Then, they will learn how to write. Finally, they will learn the best way to publish their book. Awesome.

Truly ugly website but the guy is legit. And he is a doctor, so…

2. Making Sense Of Your Student Loans

Let me explain this one, this isn’t so straight forward. It is a package you can purchase as a gift or for yourself. A lawyer who specializes in student loans will talk to you about all the different kind of student loans that you have. He will tell you how to best approach them, which ones to attack first, which may be dismissed/discharged through what program etc. This is great for someone who is really fucked by their student loans. It’s a brilliant idea. And I’ve heard this lawyer talk about his services a few times and I am really fascinated by his work. Oh, and he isn’t a greasy bastard, which is a plus.

Student Loan Consultation

3. Financial Adviser For A Year

I have written about financial advisers before and I have talked about the person that I work with. For someone who has kids, a home, a business, a spouse and so many other things that they need to focus on a financial adviser may be the perfect tool. A good FA will organize a person’s finances and help your gift-receiver work towards a financial goal.

You can purchase a 1 year contract with a financial adviser that you think your friend/family will mesh with. The cost of this would be somewhere in the $1,500-2,500 range. You can select individuals from the XY Planning Network which, from my research, is a very reputable group of advisers.

Selection of well researched, qualified financial advisers. Initial consultation is usually free.

4. Becoming A Better Writer And Getting Your Work Noticed

This one isn’t as concrete. But you may have a friend that writes already and is just trying to up their game. Maybe they want to have their work noticed more to push themselves to write better and maybe touch more lives through it. Jeff Goins might be the right person to send your friend to. He has courses on blogging and courses on getting your work recognized (marketing). A great resource for someone who wants to write better and market themselves effectively.

This person offers courses that you can sign up for. I don’t have a clear idea of pricing but nothing I’ve listed here is terribly expensive for people who make a couple hundred thousand a year.

Writing course offered by Jeff Goins.

5. For The Budding Life Coach

This one I had the toughest time with researching. I also think this category is one of the most important. Here is my quick spiel; I sincerely hope that many doctors go into medicine with the primary goal of helping patients… nothing wrong with enjoying and appreciating the recognition and solid compensation of the job. I also hope that many individuals who already have this complex life figured out put themselves out there and become life coaches for others.

I will update this part of the post once I get my hands on a really good program worth advertising. However, I think a group like ICF does a fair job of accreditation. I would recommend entering a search to find a program that may offer a good package on their website. A life coach certainly will need a base to start off of. Once the coach gets good enough that person can always go and get any kind of certification necessary to market themselves better.

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