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Learning About Healthcare Consulting

My new online course titled Healthcare Consulting for Physicians is now live. I put this together for any medical professional who wants to become a healthcare consultant – whether you’re a physician, NP, PA, dentist, or podiatrist, it will be relevant.

There is a big demand for this kind of work. And Healthcare consulting is also often done remotely – perfect for the digital nomad physician. All you need is a laptop and a secure connection.

Healthcare Consulting

I have written about healthcare consulting quite a bit. I first got into it in 2015 but couldn’t do anything with it. My second client came along in 2016, followed by a third in 2017. The work is interesting, and the income is great. It’s up to me how many other clients I want to add.

The process of finding your first client is what I want to focus on with this healthcare consulting online course. And you can read about marketing your consulting work, later.

What I like about healthcare consulting is that I can do it full-time or part-time, or on a per-project basis. Though there are long-term commitments in healthcare consulting, many offer the flexibility to work at your own pace.

Healthcare Consulting Topics

In this Healthcare Consulting for Physicians course, I am less focused on the topics of consulting because the list can be endless. Some companies are looking for someone to help with compliance, some for employee health, pitching a digital product, growing their market reach, etc.

#1. Tech Startup

Your client might be a healthcare startup or an established arm of a larger company. One company might be a consulting firm, another a technology startup trying to break into the healthcare space.

#2. Telemedicine

A telemedicine company might need a physician consultant to help them design a better QA process. Or they might need a physician leader who will oversee all clinical operations. The work involves project management and building workflows and systems.

#3. Wearable Health Tech

Another company needs the help of a physician to design a pen camera that can be marketed to the consumer. How can this tool become more versatile? What are the potential harms of such a personal technology product?

#4. Pharma

If you’re a pharmacist, you might be interested in consulting for a health supplement company that is branching out to new products. Maybe they want to combine multiple supplements into one or market them to individuals with certain diseases. They would want to know what interactions to watch out for based on that person’s medication list.

Course Price

The course costs $500 but check the link below for any deals I have. You get a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Don’t like it, get a refund.

At this price, I have included unlimited access to me through the course. If you have comments, you can include them in the course, and I’ll interact with you until you land your first consulting client.

Navigating your first lead is probably the toughest – after that, it’s a proven method.

Getting Started

My motto is to get started. Don’t wait until you are an expert. You have skills that can benefit someone somewhere out there working on something in the healthcare space.

In the healthcare consulting space, some physicians charge $1,500 per hour. Perhaps that will be you someday. In the meantime, many healthcare startups can’t afford that.

Find something you’re passionate about and learn it. Take that information and translate it for your client. Charge money and enjoy the process. Grow.

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Hey Dr. Mo:
Do you give leads or ideas on how to find leads in the course? Thanks so much!

I go over multiple sources I use to find the right potential client. Then I discuss how to approach that client to land your first gig.

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