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Get Your First Paying Customer

I am a physician entrepreneur and make my money from paying customers. Making money is my highest priority.

The definition of a physician entrepreneur is someone who runs a business and gets paid by customers. The most important aspect of any business is income so you need to get your first paying customer.

Physicians who are starting virtual practices or health coaching businesses focus too much on building the business and less on getting paid.

You Know Enough

My first premise is you know enough to get paid. You do not have to be the world’s best oncologist or rheumatologist in order to get a paying customer.

You know enough to get started and you make changes based on the information you collect about your clients.

The feedback and tinkering should come after you get paying customers. The worst situation would be if you are getting feedback from those who would never pay you.

Charge Money for Your Work

Nothing wrong with writing or recording some free content but the intention should be that you charge money. You need income in order to run your business.

Start by setting the price and advertising that price everywhere. It should be that simple.

You can always make exceptions for ideal customers if you believe their feedback will be invaluable.

Set Your Price

Start low but value your time. If people aren’t willing to pay you it’s because you haven’t yet figured out how to connect with your ideal clients.

In the beginning you can’t charge your best rate. But too low of a price will completely get you lost.

Cheap clients will give you feedback which is misleading. You want to be in the right ballpark. There will always be room for price changes later.

Your First Paying Customer

There is nothing wrong with your first paying customer being a friend or family member. Perhaps it’s a colleague other connection.

Once you’re an entrepreneur your social network should be a rolodex of customers. After all, if what you’re offering is valuable, wouldn’t you want to offer or to friends and family first?

My stick is that I regularly mention what I do to my friends. “I’m a heart health coach. I work with individuals who need help navigating their heart disease diagnosis.”

I wont turn anyone away. Maybe they can’t afford $500 per hour but I’ll offer them a lot of value in 15 minutes instead.

Pay for the Overhead with Income

It won’t take long for your first customer or patient to pay you money. This money is what should pay for any improvements in your business.

I believe in the lean startup approach. The money I charge for my services is earmarked for growing my business.

It’s too easy to get lost in the kind of LLC or website you need when you haven’t had enough income for it to matter.

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