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Fun Stats From My Website

My website has been a petri dish of experiments over the years. I’ve used this website to test out all sorts of ideas and marketing techniques. I’ve learned to sell digital products (online courses) and consulting and coaching work.

Over the past few days certain blog posts of mine are getting several thousand hits per day. Fortunately, I recently switched to a new hosting company (Siteground) which can handle the volume.

If I was still with Bluehost, I’d be like an old dude taking a leak with BPH. I am not paying that much more for Siteground and the customer service and quality is far better.

Increase Volume

Increased volume means more tire kickers. Tire kickers are the dudes who walk around a used car, without enough money to buy the car, but they’re kicking the tire thinking they want to buy it.

I’ve had to answer more comments on the post and a ton more emails. But these aren’t the kind of readers or audience I am looking for. Lemme ‘splain.

I have curated my audience very carefully. I want the right people following my content who engages with me the right way. And who is generally willing to pay for any new product I come up with – such as my online courses.

When you get a sudden surge in volume from another website referral – in my case, someone probably posted me on Facebook somewhere – you have to accomodate the people like a fancy restaurant has to accomodate a couple with an annoying toddler.

Sales & Profits

There are over 500,000 active physician licensees in the US. Half of them are Primary Care doctors. And half of them live either in NY or CA.

Each of my online courses cost $500. Every one of these sales is a completely passive process. Other than some site maintenance, not much goes into babysitting a sale.

If 1,000 people buy my course then that’s a $500,000 income – which is pretty much a $480,000 profit.

If 100,000 physician buy my online course then that’s a $4,500,000 profit. And that’s not a lot – that’s still less than half of all the Primary Care doctors.

I’m nowhere near that. Nor do I want to be. Can you imagine the headache of handing several hundred sales per day?? Y’all doctors ain’t no peaches to deal with.

Sales Conversion

Be realistic in the kind of sales conversion you’re looking for. And be realistic about how much you want to make. As in, would you rather deal with 1,000 visitors a month with a 10% sales conversion or 50,000 visitors a month with a 1% sales conversion?

The more people come through you sites, the more digital bandwidth you’ll need. That means you’ll have to buy more hosting from your hosting company.

Customer Service

You’ll also have to answer more questions. You’ll get emails and comments, all of which have to be addressed when you’re a business.

One bad sale could mean a bad review. Or it could mean getting kicked off a particular platform because of a complaints.

Less Traffic, More Sales

If you’re meticulous about your audience and you curate them well, everyone will be happier. You’ll be happier because you enjoy your conversations with your reader. And your audience is happier because they love your content.

If you’re creating content for the independent-minded physician then you’ll constantly keep them engaged. And when you create a course for sale that they will benefit from, they’ll buy it.

Business Model

Many physicians who are creating their online platform are obsessed with monetization and creating paywalls and membership sites, etc. I don’t recommend that.

Don’t be in such a rush to profit from your audience. Gain their trust. Have them follow you for a few years, first. Have them connect with your brand and see the value in what you offer.

Offer Value

But, don’t be so humble that you’re not willing to sell to your audience. Every single one of you who follows me knows what I’m about. And I hope that I can somehow make you part with your money in the future.

In return, I will offer you an amazing return. As in, the course which I will sell you for $500 will make you thousands of dollars in perpetuity.

Take my telemedicine course and you’ll go from making $100/hour to $250. Not bad.

Take my healthcare consulting course for $500 and you’ll start earning a couple of thousand dollars a month on the side doing some basic consulting work.

Take my Just Answer course and you’ll go from earning a pathetic $750/month to $7,000/month.

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