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Free HIPAA Compliant Tele/Video App

Doximity just added a free feature to their Doximity dialer, they added free HIPAA compliant audio/video capabilities. This makes it the first, real, free telemedicine app for physicians.

Doximity has been well known for their dialer feature. In it, you can set the dial-out phone number so that you don’t have to keep dialing *67 to mask your phone number.

Free Dialer by Doximity

Frankly, I never bothered with it because I had Google Voice numbers. If anyone called back the number from which I called, it would tell them that this number doesn’t take incoming calls.

But, when you use *67 a lot of patients won’t pick up the phone, especially if they are elderly or of lower socioeconomic status.

Doximity Dialer and Video

The Doximity app which you might already have has the video capability now. All you have to do is dial the number and click “video”.

The client receives a text messages (so it can’t be a landline) and they can then click on the link to enter the video chat with you.

They have a decent FAQ for the feature. And, again, it’s completely free.

User Experience

I tested it out, works great. It’s simple and it worked quite well on my Android.

When you send the text to your patient they receive a link. The link takes them to a website on their mobile browser and they are immediately connected with you.

You can even do other things and you’ll get a text message to tell you when the patient has connected.


Much like, a different company, Doximity’s dialer is a bare-bones app. There is no medication prescribing or EHR or scheduling feature.

But, I’ve mentioned free options such as Medchartz for EHR and there are free scheduling apps out there as well.

The Doximity dialer is the perfect app to start with when you begin your Virtual Private Practice. There are tons of great paid options available, but why bother when you’re first starting out.

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